Aix-les-Bains, Feb. 95.

Some pictures of people at the conference at Aix-les-Bains, Feb. 95.

The pictures:

1.The most important thing is to stay in a acceptable hotel. This was on the edge but was after all accepted since it had eatable food. (larger=slower)

2. The danes seem to like drinking some liquid from brown bottles? Jesper Nygard, Hans Henrik Rugh, Freddy Christiansen.

3. Nice warm surroundings is also fine. The picture in the brochure vas actually a bit different. ..., Stefan Guettler, Gregor Tanner.

4. From the high level discussions we find Bruno Echardt talking with Srinivas Sridhar while Gregor tanner is smoking!

5. More talking. J. Peinke and M. Robnik.

6. And here L. Wiesenfeld.

7. Some kind of discussion seems to take place.

8. While others are pretending to work hard. Hans Henrik Rugh, ...

9. Bye, bye.Niall Whelan and Freddy Christiansen.


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