NBICATS Seminar Posting

Fill out this form to announce a seminar. When You submit the form, the seminar is announced to the NBI seminar server, and from that we read the information to get the local cats seminar pages.

Type of posting:

New announcement
Correction/Addition/Followup to the announcement number
Change of date for the seminar announcement number

To determine the number of the announcement you want to correct, read your old announcement. Mosaic (or Netscape) will tell you that its URL is something like http://www.nbi.dk/NEWS/../199512/0024.html, then 199512/0024.html is the number of the announcement.


Date of the Seminar (only for Seminar's announcements, ignored otherwise):
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Group (only for Seminar's announcements, ignored otherwise):

Distribution: The NBI WWW Server is always included in these distribution lists. To add group distribution lists contact the Webmaster.


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