The Goodbye Soccermatch for Vachtang and Shinya

photo 1 (medium)
photo 1 (large)
photo 2 (medium)
photo 2 (large)

Old picture collection (By Kai Hansen)

Some pictures of (mostly from the oldboys team pre-) CATS people and big happnings.

The pictures:

Here are Niall Whelan home, and Freddy Christiansen waving for some strange reason.

Danes drinking beer as usual, here in Aix-les-Bains for a change. Jesper Nygard home, Hans Henrik Rugh, Freddy Christiansen.

CATS1 Per Rosenqvist home

CATS2 Kai Hansen home

CATS3 Thomas Guhr, Peter Dimon home, Stephen Creagh, ... Creagh

CATS4 ... Zaks (?), and Thomas Guhr (and Peters arm?)

CATS5 Thomas Guhr

CATS6 Gabor Vattey home

CATS7 Peter Dimon

CATS8 at "Ninjo and Franko"

CATS9 Stephen Creagh, Miss Creagh, Claudine Conrado

Peter Skiing!