PLEASE: e-mail your subscriptions to, and NOT to or whatever.


to mail a message to the appropriately inclined, send it
To:, where the list is one of the following

and it will get delivered to every subscriber on the list. If you are distributing an announcement to several lists, send it out simultaneously, for example To:, This ensures that people who are on several mailing lists receive only one copy of the announcement.

Following lists are of interest also for people outside Copenhagen area:

To find out what other lists exist and who is on them, to add or delete an address from the group mailing, etc., send e-mail

Subject: help

Please subscribe yourself to the lists of interest to you. For example, to receive conference, jobs, etc. announcements related to ``quantum chaos'' send e-mail

Subject: <NOTHING>
subscribe qchaos_net your@e.mail (Your Name)

To unsubscribe:

unsubscribe qchaos_net

  • to subscribe to Nuclear Theory distribution list, send e-mail
    Subject: <NOTHING>
    subscribe nuclear_seminar
  • to subscribe to Nordita News, send e-mail
    Subject: <NOTHING>
    subscribe nordita_news
  • to subscribe to High Energy Theory announcements, contact
  • to subscribe to Astrophysics announcements, contact or
  • e-mail to maybe reaches someone not on
  • Copenhagen University Majordomo server (including = Danish Society for Theoretical Biology distribution)
  • To post a job or conference announcement:

  • Los Alamos server
  • If it is CATS announcement, Dorte has to do it for you. Not trivial;
    she first submits a new message into submit button,
    then clicks on it when added to the list, reads it, approves it;
    only then it will show up in either of:
  • PILOT TO PHYSICS (like above, Dorte can do it for CATS)
  • nonlinear jobs listing, Dynamical Systems Homepage, SUNY Stony Brook
  • Munich Chaos server
    NBI top CATS-TOP

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