16 dec 1998

Graduate School in Nonlinear Science

Sponsored by the Danish Research Academy

MIDIT                               OFD                           CATS
Modelling, Nonlinear Dynamics       Optics and Fluid Dynamics     Chaos and Turbulence Studies
and Irreversible Thermodynamics     Risø National Laboratory      Niels Bohr Institute and 
Technical University of Denmark     Building 128                  Department of Chemistry
Building 321                        P.O. Box 49                   University of Copenhagen 
DK-2800 Lyngby                      DK-4000 Roskilde              DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø
Denmark                             Denmark                       Denmark

Thematic Workshop: Nonlinear Science Festival
Dates: Mon 7 Dec -- Sat 12 Dec 1998
Location: Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark
Thematic Workshop in Nonlinear Science, celebrating the 5th anniversiry of CATS, with contributions from the participants in the Danish Ph.D. School in Nonlinear Science.
Sponsors: Danish Research Academy and Danish Natural Science Research Council
Coordinators: P. Cvitanovic´ and P.L. Christiansen
Session organizers: Theme
J. Juul Rasmussen Collapse Dynamics and Nonlinear Optics
P. Cvitanovic´ Classical and Quantum Chaos
P.G. Sørensen
E. Mosekilde
Chaos and Patterns in Chemistry and Biology
T. Bohr Nonlinear Waves and Turbulence
M. Brøns Bifurcation Theory and Applications
Cultural Comittee: contact Ken Haste Andersen
Artistic direction, design: Adelle Coster
Secretary: Dorte Glass Email: phd_fest@nbi.dk

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