3 Dec 1998
Thematic Workshop: Nonlinear Science Festival
Mon 7 Dec - Sat 12 Dec 1998
Niels Bohr Institute - Blegdamsvej 17, Aud U


  1. Ken Haste Andersen (CATS) - Continous limit of the GOY shell model  (K.H.Andersen, T.Bohr, M.H.Jensen, J.Langgaard and P.Olesen)
  2. Peter Andresen (CATS, DTU) - Reaction-diffusion instability in a sheared medium
  3. K. Nikolaj Berntsen and Ove Ditlevsen  (DTU) - Granular materials of ellipses
  4. Carl Balslev Clausen (DTU) - Spatial Switching of Quadratic Solitons in Engineered QPM Structures
  5. Alvaro Corral (NBI) - Synchronization of short range pulse-coupled oscillators
  6. Sune Danø (HCØ) - Glycolytic Oscillations in Living Yeast Cells
  7. Johan Hartnack (DTU) -  Topological changes in streamline patterns in incompressible flow. An investigation using normal forms.
  8. Mads Ipsen (UNI-C) - 3D cellular calcium waves (with Axel Hunding)
  9. Flemming G. Jensen (HCØ) - Waves and patterns in the Ruthenium catalysed Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction
  10. Kent B. Lauritsen (CATS) -  Self-organized criticality and interface depinning transitions
  11. E. Lennholm (Linkoeping) - The role of aperiodicity for the fluxon dynamics in Josephson junction arrays
  12. Vladimir K. Mezentsev (Novosibirsk) -  Chirped Solitons in Long Haul  Fiber Links with Periodic Structure
  13. Gabriel Molina (Barcelona) - Imbalanced vortex solitary waves in quadratic nonlinear crystals
  14. Dmitri Nevedrov (Estonia) - Solitary excitations in one dimensional systems
  15. Gunnar Ohlén  (Linkoeping)  - Formation of domains among sinusnodes cells
  16. Andrey Pankratov (DTU) - Almost exact analytical description of decay of metastable states in wide range of noise intensity
  17. Henrik Skødt (HCØ) - Kinetic Spectrometry
  18. Miroslava Smrcinova  (HCØ) -  Nonlinear Phenomena in a  Photosynthetic and a Glycolytic System
  19. Mads Peter Sørensen (DTU) - Internal Instability in Fluxon Dynamics of Stacked Josephson Junctions
  20. Willem van de Water (Eindhoven) - Taming stiff chaos
  21. Kensuke Yokoi (CSL, Riken, Japan) - Simulation for circular hydraulic jumps
  22. Sergei Zykov (Ekaterinburg) - New soliton-like potentials with infinite point spectrum for the Sine-Gordon model (with Aleksandr B. Borisov)

Usable area of the poster boards is 80 cm wide and 1.18m high. During the poster session Tuesday afternoon they will be exhibited in Aud. U; rest of the week they will be placed in the adjoing hallways.