10 Dec 1998
Thematic Workshop: Nonlinear Science Festival
Mon 7 Dec -- Sat 12 Dec 1998
Niels Bohr Institute -Blegdamsvej 17, Aud U


  1. Roberto Artuso (Como) - Return times and correlation decay
  2. Gerold Baier (Tübingen) - Complex biochemical rhythms that carry information
  3. Ole Bang (Canberra) - Spatial optical solitons supported by competing quadratic and cubic nonlinearity
  4. Martin Bees (Surrey) - Theoretical and experimental aspects of bacterial swarming in thin films
  5. Luc Bergé (CEA/Bruyeres-le Chatel) - Coalescence and collapse of coupled beams in nonlinear Kerr media
  6. Debabrata Biswas (Trombay, India) - Distribution of Husimi zeroes in polygonal billiards
  7. Hendrik W. Broer (Groningen) - Hill's equation with periodic and quasi-periodic forcing
  8. Stephen Creagh (Nottingham) - Chaotic tunnelling
  9. J. Chris Eilbeck (Heriot-Watt) -  Localized breathers on two-dimensional lattices
  10. Bertrand Georgeot (Toulouse) - Integrability and quantum chaos in spin glass shards
  11. Rainer Grauer (Duesseldorf) - Adaptive mesh refinement for singular and turbulent structures in fluid and plasma flows
  12. Marty Golubitsky (Houston) - Bifurcation, symmetry, and applications
  13. Kai T. Hansen (Oslo) - Life in corporate research
  14. Greg Huber (Arizona) - Fluids, filaments and membranes: biological problems for me or you
  15. Magnus Johansson (Linköbing) - Discreteness-induced oscillatory instabilities of dark solitons
  16. Ole Jensen (Brandeis) - The role of brain oscillations in active maintenance of multiple short-term memories
  17. Mads Kærn (Toronto) - Emergent understanding of the cell division cycle - dynamics of a cell cycle checkpoint
  18. Evgenii A. Kuznetsov (Moscow) - Nonlinear stability of solitons for three-wave interaction
  19. Yuri Maistrenko (Kiev) - Chaotic synchronization in coupled map systems
  20. Maria Markosova (Bratislava) - Rice piles and sandpiles
  21. Tania Monteiro (London) - Quantum chaos with complex nonperiodic orbits
  22. Ben Mottelson (Copenhagen) - Phase transitions in Bose-Einstain condensates
  23. Hiraku Nishimori (Osaka) - Pattern dynamics of wind blown sand wave
  24. Gatto Nero (Venezia) - Pricing risky options
  25. Mark Oxborrow (London) - Super-resolution of complex, oversampled experimental spectra via Bryan's "MaxEnt" algorithm
  26. Francesco d'Ovidio (Varese) - Bifurcation analysis of spiral growth processes in plants
  27. Dima Postnov (Saratov) - Can we apply "Arnol'd tongue" to synchronization of chaos?
  28. Vachtang Putkaradze (Chicago) -  Sources of fluid in 2  dimensions: exact solutions
  29. Kim O. Rasmussen (Los Alamos) - Localization and equipartition of energy in discrete nonlinear systems
  30. Christian Reick (Hamburg) - Predicting the Helgoland roads zooplankton time series
  31. Stephanie Reimann (Jyvaskyla) - Nanostructures: a playground for doing quantum physics
  32. Hans Henrik Rugh (Warwick) - Decay of correlations for coupled map lattices
  33. Thomas Schreiber (Wuppertal) - The nightmares of a nonlinear time series analyst
  34. Elsebeth Schröder (Chalmers) -  Nils Holgersson's World Tours, Inc.
  35. A. Douglas Stone (Yale) - Classical and wave chaos in asymmetric optical resonant cavities
  36. Gregor Tanner (Nottingham) - Universal periodic orbit correlations?
  37. Gabor Vattay (Budapest) - Conductance fluctuations in transitionally chaotic systems
  38. Willem van de Water (Eindhoven) - Patterns and turbulence in Faraday's crispations
  39. Shinya Watanabe (Ibaraki) - Striped states in two-dimensional Josephson arrays
  40. Geoffrey  B. West (Los Alamos) - Scaling from dimensional analysis to fractals, self-similarity and the renormalization group
  41. Andreas Wirzba (Darmstadt) - Quantum mechanics and semiclassics