NBI Preprints shelved in the Chaos room (Eb1)

Chaos, Complex Systems: CATS received preprints 1989

There are also lists for 1990-1993, 1994, 1995 1996 1997 1998

 1    Biham and Mukamel
      Global Universality in the Frenkel-Kontorova

 2    Horn, Usher
      Neural networkks with Dynamical Thresholds

 3    Horn
      Shift-Invariant Multiconnected Brains 

 4    Berger
      Papers on random affine maps

 5    Grinstein, He, Jayaprakash and Mukamel
      Stability of temporally-periodic states of classical
      many-body systems

 6    Barnslecy and Coworkers
      concerning invariant measures for iterated random maps

 7    Berger
      Images generated by orbits of 2-D markov chains

 8    Troll and Smilansky
      A Simple model for Chaotic-scattering 
      I. Classical theory

 9    Blumel and Smilansky
      A simple model for chaotic scattering
      II. Quantum mechanical theory

 10   Eckmann, Meakin, Procaccia and Zeitak
      Growth and form of noise-reduced diffusion limited 

 11   Dana, Murray and Percival
      Resonances and diffusion in periodic hamiltonian maps

 12   Dana
      Hamiltonian transport on unstable periodic orbits

 13   Berblinger, Pollak and Schlier
      Bound states embedded in the continuum of H3+a)

 14   Dolf and Eckmann
      Lecture notes in mathematics

 15   Battelino and Yorke
      Multiple coexisting attractors, basin boundaries and
      basic sets

 16   Grebogi, Ott and Yorke
      Roundoff-induced periodicity and the correlation dimension
      of chaotic attractors

 17   Nusse and Yorke
      A procedure for finding numerical trajectories on chaotic

 18   Bartuccelli and Vivaldi
      Ideal orbitst of toral automorphisms

 19   Vivaldi and Shaidenko
      Global Stability of a class of discontinuous dual

 20   Vivaldi
      Arithmetical theory of Anosov diffeomorphisms

 21   Bullett
      Dynamics of quadratic correspondences

 22   Hu and Lin
      Yang-Lee Zeros, Julia sets and their singularity spectra

 23   Balaza and Voros
      The Quantized baker's Transformation

 24   Hansen
      To lineaert koble logistiske avbildinger, strukturer
      og støy

 25   Glazier and Libchaber
      Quasi-periodicity and dynamical systems: an experimentalist's

 26   Szabo and Tel
      On the symmetry breaking bifurcation of chaotic attractors

 27   Cvitanovic, Gunaratne and Procaccia
      Topological and metric properties of Henon-type strange

 28   Eckmann, Wayne
      The largest Liapunov exponent for random matrices and directe
      d polymers in a random environment

 29   Branner
      Iteration of cubic polynomials - a characterization of
      the julia sets

 30   Branner
      The Mandelbrot set

 31   Blumel, Graham, Sirko, Smilansky, Walther and Yamada
      Microwave excitation of Rydberg atoms in the presence
      of noise

 32   Gutowitz
      Statistical properties of cellular automata in the context of

 33   Gutowitz
      Statistical properties of cellular automata in the context of
      learning and recognition part II: Inverting local structure  
      theory equations to find cellular automata with specified pro
 34   Bullett
      Dynamics of the arithmetic-geometric mean

 35   Zheng
      The W-sequence for circle maps and misbehaved itineraries

 36   Gyorgyi
      Dimensional reduction and universal f(alpha) in magnetic

 37   Armbruster, Guckenheimer and Kim
      Chaotic dynamics in systems with square symmetry

 38   Kephart, Hogg and Huberman
      Dynamics of computational ecosystems

 39   Mao and Helleman
      Break-up of Kam roti of cubic irrational winding number

 40   Mao and Hellman
      New Feigenbaum constants for four-dimensional volume-
      preserving symmetric maps

 41   Ramsey, Sayers and Rothman
      The Statistical properties of dimension calculations 
      using small data sets: some economic applications

 42   Ramsey and Montenegro
      The identifiability and estimability of non-invertible Ma
      (Q) models

 43   Adams
      Chaos in the integers of the 3x+1 problem

 44   J. Honerkamp, J. Weese
      Determination of the relaxation specturm by a
      regularization method

 45   M. Kerszberg
      Synchronization in neural assemblies

 46   A.B. Eriksson, M. Jonson
      Cluster-cluster aggregation of magnetic particles

 47   E. Schwartz Sørensen, H.C. Fogedby
      Computer simulation of temperature-dependent growth
      of fractal and compact domains in diluted ising models

 48   K.K. Mon
      Phase coherence and non-equilibrium behavior in Josephson
      junction arrays

 49   A.C.C. Coolen, J.J. Denier van der Gon
      Evolution equations for neural networks with arbitrary
      spatial structure

 50   L.F. Abbott, T.B. Kepler
      Universality in the space of interactions for network

 51   L.F. Abbott, T.B. Kepler
      Optimal learning in neural network memories

 52   A.C.C. Coolen, F.W. Kuijk and T.W. Ruijgrok
      A learning mechanism for invariant pattern recognition
      with neural networks

 53   J.D. Fournier
      Singularity spectrum of the generalized energy integral

 54   K. Jakobsen
      Fra lineær vækst til kaos

 55   J.K. Ketoja, O.-P. Piirila
      Fibonacci bifurcation sequences and the cvitanovic-
      Feigenbaum functional equation

 56   P. Spitzner, W. Kinzel
      Hopfield network with directed bonds

 57   M. Mezard, J.-P. Nadal
      Learning in feedforward layered networks: the Tiling

 58   T. Tel
      Fractals and multifractals 'An Introduction'

 59   S.P. Obukhov, D. Stauffer
      Upper critical dimension of Kauffman cellular automata

 60   M.C. de Sousa Vieira, C. Tsallis
      Gap Road: Main properties

 61   M.C. de Sousa Vieira, C. Tsallis
      Gap Road: A new path to chaos

 62   M.C. de Sousa Vieira, C. Tsallis
      The gap road to chaos and its main characteristics

 63   B. Lukacs
      Once more about economic entropy

 64   Ni Wan-sun, T. Pei-ing, Hao Bai-lin
      Homoclinic and heteroclinic intersections in the perio-
      dically forced brusselator

 65   J. Moerch Pedersen
      Simuleret udglødning

 66   Shau-Jin Chang, G. Perez
      Boundaries between basins of attraction in matrix maps

 67   P. Alstrøm, B. Christiansen
      Characterization of modulated integrate-and-fire systems

 68   J.E. Andresen, B. Christiansen, M.T. levinsen
      Chaotic noise in superconducting microbridge 4-photon
      x-band parametric amplifier

 69   P. Alstrøm, M.T. Levinsen
      Mode locking in overdamped chaarge-density-wave systems

 70   P. 

 71   P. Alstrøm, C. Christiansen, M.T. Levinsen
      Local hysteresis in relaxation oscillators

 72   P. Alstrøm, B. Christiansen, M.T. levinsen
      Non-chaotic transitions from quasiperiodicity to
      complete phase-locking

 73   M.C. de Soursa Vieira
      Scaling factors associated with M-furcations of the 'bla,bla'

 74   T. Bohr, A.W. Pedersen, M.H. Jensen, D.A. Rand
      Vortex dynamics in a coupled MAP lattice

 75   M.H. Jensen
      Phase transitions on strange attractors and fractal

 76   M.H. Jensen
      Fluctuations and scaling in a model for boundary layer
      induced turbulence

 77   W.H. Zurek
      Thermodynamic cost of computation, algorithmic complexity
      and the information metric

 78   M. Holschneider
      Wavelet analysis on the circle

 79   G. Jug, E. Tosatti
      Infinitely many incommensurate phases in a model of
      surface reconstruction and roughening

 80   Shau-Jin Chang
      Tunneling through kam curves

 81   G. Casati, L. Molinari
      Quantum chaos, with time-periodic hamiltonians

 82   J.E. Bayfield, C. Casati, I. Guarneri, D.W. Sokol
      Localization of classically chaotic diffusion for hydrogen
      atoms in microwave fields

 83   G.P. Brivio, G. Casati, L. Perotti
      Quantum suppression of chaotic diffusion: theory
      and experiment

 84   D.P. Lathrop, E.J. Kostelich
      The Characterization of an Experimental strange
      Attractor by Periodic Orbits

 85   E.J. Kostelich, J.A. Yorke
      The analysis of experimental data using time-delay
      embedding methods

 86   T. Horita, H. Hata, H. mori, T. Morita, K. Tomita
      Singular local structures of chaotic attractors due to
      collisions with unstable periodic orbits in two-
      dimensional maps

 87   T. Horita et al.
      Local structures of chaotic attractors and q-phase
      transitions at attractor-merging crises in the sine-
      circle maps

 88   H. Hata et al.
      Characterization of local structures of chaotic attractors
      in terms of coarse-grained local expansion rates

 89   K. Tomita et al
      Scaling structures of chaotic attractors and q-phase
      transitions at crises in the Henon and the Annulus maps

 90   K. Tomita et al
      q-phase transitions in chaotic attractors of differential
      equation at bifurcation points

 91   T. Horita et al.
      Dynamics on critical Tori at the onset of chaos and
      critical Kam Tori

 92   T. Kobayashi et al.
      Critical scaling laws of dynamics structure functions
      for type I internmittent chaos

 93   H. Hata et al.
      Singular local structures of chaotic attractors and q-phase
      transitions of spatial scaling structures

 94   R.S. MacKay
      Rotation vestors and entropy for homeomorphisms of the torus
      isotopic to the identity

 95   R.S. MacKay
      Stability of maps or kiss of death to Seeman

 96   R.S. MacKay et al
      Converse KAM theory for symplectic twist maps

 97   R.S. MacKay
      A classification of braid types for diffeomorphisms of
      surfaces of genus zero with topological entropy zero

 98   S. Kim et al
      Resonance regions for families of torus maps

 99   R.S. MacKay
      A criterion for non-existence of invariant tori for
      Hamiltonian systems

 100  R.S. MacKay et al
      Evaluation of an approximate renormalisation scheme for
      area- reserving maps

 101  J.A. Ketoja et al
      Fractal boundary for the existence of invariant circles for
      area-reserving maps: observations and renormalisation

 102  I. Dana
      Hamiltonian transport on unstable periodic orbits

 103  X. Wang et al
      Circle map scaling in a two-dimensional setting

 104  C.A. Waldspurger et al.
      Spawn: A distributed computational economy

 105  Z. Kovacs et al
      Scaling in multifractals: discretization of an eigenvalue

 106  B.A. Huberman et al
      Dynamics of adaptive controls

 107  K. Kaneko
      Chaotic but regular posi-nega switch among coded attractors
      by cluster size variation

 108  K. Kaneko et al.
      Is the diffusion normal in hamiltonian dynamical systems
      with many degrees of freedom

 109  A. Crisanti et al.
      Small scale structure of a passive scalar in laminar and
      turbulent fluids

 110  L.B. Jonker
      The scaling of Arnol'd tongues for critical circle maps

 111  J. Bolte et al.
      Determinants of laplace-like operators on Riemann surfaces

 112  M. Sieber et al.
      Generalized periodic-orbit sum rules for strongly chaotic sys

 113  A.M. Odlyzko
      The 1020th zero of the Riemann zeta function and 70
      million of its neighbors

 114  O.E. Lanford
      Computer assisted proofs in analysis

 115  D. Ruelle
      The thermodynamical formalism for expanding maps

 116  P. Cartier
      Nouvelle interpretation de la formule des traces de selberg

 117  H.E. Nusse et al.
      Analysis of a procedure for finding numerical trajectories
      close to chaotic saddle hyperbolic sets

 118  E. Aurell
      Convergence of dynamical zeta functions

 119  M. Wolf
      Multifractality of prime numbers

 120  J.A. Sirat et al
      Third order hopfield networks: extensive calculations and

 121  B. Derrida
      Distribution of the activities in a diluted neural network

 122  A. Treves et al
      Low firing rates: an effective Hamiltonian for excitatory

 123  J.S. Denker
      Nonlinear dynamics of artificial neural systems

 124  H.H. Chen et al.
      High order correlation model for associative memory

 125  Y.C. Lee
      Machine learning using a higher order correlation network

 126  C.L. Giles et al
      Encoding geometric invariances in higher-order neural

 127  C.L. Giles et al.
      Learning, invariance, and generalization in high-order neural

 128  T. Maxwell et al.
      Transformation invariance using high order correlations in
      neural net architectures

 129  T. Maxwell et al.
      Generalization in neural networks: the contiguity problem

 130  G. Cybenko
      Approximations by superpositions of a sigmoidal function

 131  J.K. Bhattacharjee 
      Self-consistent mode coupling theory

 132  B.A. Huberman
      Dynamics of adaptive controls

 133  K. Chen, P. Bak
      Is the Universe Operating at a self-organized critical state

 134  R. Durbin et al.
      The elastic net and the travelling salesman problem

 135  K.Y.M. Wong et al.
      Theory of associative memory in randomly connected boolean
      neural networks

 136  M.G. Norma et al.
      Neural netowkr applications in the Edinburgh Concurrent
      supercomputer project

 137  J.F. Fontanari
      On the Storage of Correlated patterns in Hopfield's model

 138  J.F. Fontanari et al
      learning noisy patterns in a Hopfield network

 139  J.F. Tontanari et al.
      Mapping correlated gaussian patterns in a perceptron

 140  Daniel J. Amit, et al.
      Perceptron learning with sign constrained weights

 141  Lars Kai Hansen
      Neural network ensembles

 142  P. Moscato
      Stochastic vs Deterministic Update in simulated annealing

 143  J.-P. Nadal et al.
      Information storage in sparsely-coded memory nets

 144  W. Krauth et al.
      Storage capacity of memory networks with binary couplings

 145  J.-P. Nadal
      Study of a growth algorithm for a feedforward network

 146  M. Opper et al.
      Basins of attraciton near the critical storage capacity for
      neural networks with constant stabilities

 147  P. Spitzner et al.
      Hopfield network with directed bonds

 148  E. Domany
      Layered neural networks

 149  A.C.c. Coolen et al.
      The size of the domains of attraction in the Hopfield model

 150  E. Gardner
      Retrieval properties of a neurall network with an asymmetric
      learning rue

 151  P. Sibani et al.
      Scaling concepts in simulated annealing

 152  C.A. Waldspurger et al.
      Spawn: A distributed computational economy

 153  P. Bak et al
      Is life a critical phenomenon ?

 154  U. Krey
      On the thermodynamics of associative recall of structured
      patterns within a given context

 155  E. Domany
      Layered neural networks

 156  N. Sourlas
      Three-dimensional ising spin glasses and ergodicity breaking

 157  N. Sourlas
      Multilayer neural networks for hierarchical patters

 158  J.R. Thomson et al.
      Co-operative models for pattern formation in primate visual
      cortex: simulations of phase behavior

 159  P. Cvitanovic
      Periodic orbit quantization of chaotic systems

 160  C. Beck
      Upper and lower bounds on the renyi dimensions and the
      uniformity of multifractals

 161  K. Nakamura
      Quantum chaos: Fundamental problems

 162  K. Nakamura
      Quantum dynamics of a pulsed-spin system: long-time behavior
      of semiclassical wavefunctions

 163  S.M. Hammel
      Numerical orbits of chaotic processes represent true orbits

 164  M. C.-Jørgensen
      A model for the firing pattern of a paced nerve cell

 165  D.A. Bradley-Hutchison
      A numerical study of chaos in the one-dimensional   model

 166  M.E. Agishtein et al.
      Dynamics of vortex surface in three dimensions

 167  P. Bak et al.
      Is life a critical phenomenon ?

 168  S.M. Carioli
      Stochastic and coherent acceleration of relativistic
      particles in a regular potential wavepacket perpendicular
      to a uniform magnetic field - I

 169  E. Aurell
      A systematic calculation of thermodynamic properties of
      repellers and scaling tensors

 170  M. Mino et al.
      Strange attractors in parallel-pumped spin-wave instabilities
      bifurcation of multi-fractals

 171  P. Gaspard
      soliton-like structure in the parametric distortions of
      bounded system energy spectra

 172  P. Gaspard
      Soliton-like structure in the parametric distortions of
      bounded system energy spectra

 173  Stuart A. Rice et al.
      Unimolecular reactions revisitedP. Gaspard
      Hamiltonian mapping models of molecular fragmentation

 174  P. Gaspard
      Hamiltonian mapping models of molecular fragmentation

 175  J-M. Chez
      On the wavelet analysis for multifractal sets

 176  M. Rabonovich
      Stable two- and three- dimensional particle=like states
      pf nonlinear fields

 177  M. Markus et al.
      Lyapunov exponents of the logistic map with periodic forcing

 178  M. Colding-Jørgensen
      Fractal impulse transmissioon between nerve cells

 179  F. Steiner et al.
      Refined asymptotic expansion of the heat Kernel for
      quantum billiards in unbounded regions

 180  M.I. Rabinovich
      Experimental investigation of dislocations in a cylinder wake

 181  E. Del Giudice et al.
      Magnetic flux quantization and Josephson behaviour in living

 182  K. Kaneko
      Self-consistent perron frobenius operator for spatiotemporal

 183  K. Kaneko
      Clustering, coding, switching, hierarchical ordering, and
      control in network of chaotic elements

 184  K. Kaneko
      Pattern dynamics in spatiotemporal chaos

 185  S. Kim and J. Guckenheimer
      Fun torus interactive explorations of maps of the two
      dimensional torus

 186  J.-P. Eckmann
      Bounds on the unstable Eigenvalue for period doubling

 187  Carsten Peterson et al.
      A new method for mapping optimization problems onto
      neural networks

 188  G. Vichniac
      Cellular-automata fluids

 189  K. Molvig et al.
      Removing the discreteness artigacts in 3D lattice-gas

 190  D. Wintgen et al.
      Symbolic description of periodic orbits for the quadratic
      Zeeman effect

 191  H.Z. Cummins
      Pattern forming instabilities at the crystal-melt interface

 192  H.A. Ceccatto
      Persistence of nonoptimal strategies

 193  F. Argoul et al.
      Wavelet analysis of turbulence reveals the multifractal 
      nature of the Richardson cascade

 194  E. Freysz et al.
      Optical wavelet transform of fractal aggregates

 195  A. Arneodo et al.
      Uncovering the analytical Saffman-Taylor finger in
      unstable viscous fingering and diffusion-limited

 196  F. Argoul et al.
      Characterizing spatio-temporal chaos in electrodeposition

 197  B.A. Huberman
      The performance of Cooperative processes

 198  E. Gozzi et al.
      Hidden BRS invariance in glassical mechanics: II

 199  E. Gozzi et al.
      Algebraic characterization of ergodicity

 200  Per Bak et al.
      A Forest-fire model and some thoughts on turbulence

 201  V. Urumov
      New metric elements of the universla fine structure due
      to multifurcations

 202  H.A. Gutowitz
      Mean field vs. Wolfram classification of cellular automata

 203  M.J. Ogorzalek
      Some properties of a chaos generator with RC ladder

 204  G.H. Gunaratne
      Chaos beyond onset: a comparison of theory and experiment

 205  T. Tel
      On the organization of transient chaos - application
      to irregular scattering

 206  I. percival
      Diffusion of quantum states 1

 207  V.S. Dotsenko
      Renormalization-group theory of the phase transition
      in ultrametric spin glasses

 208  K.H. Hoffmann et al.
      Diffusion in hierarchies

 209  D.L. Stein
      Mean exit times over fluctuating barriers

 210  D. Vertechi et al.
      Energy barriers in SK Spin-glass model

 211  H. Horner et al.
      Transients and basins of attraction in neural network

 212  B.A. Huberman
      The Performance of cooperative processes

 213  J.O. Kephart
      Collective behavior of predictive agents

 214  W. Ebeling
      Selbstorganisation und evolution vom standpunkt der physik

 215  A. Engel et al.
      Storage capacity for hierarchically correlated patterns

 216  J.F. Fontanari
      Mapping correlated gaussian patterns in a perceptron

 217  J.F. Fontanari
      On the storage of correlated patterns in Hopfield's model

 218  J.F. Fontanari
      Learning noisy patterns in a Hopfield network

 219  M.R. Evans
      Random dilution in a neural network for biased patterns

 220  D. Prior et al.
      What price regularity ?

 221  C. Campbell
      Neural network models with sign constrained weights

 222  D.J. Amit
      The interaction space of neural networks with sign
      constrained synapses

 223  D.J. Amit et al.
      perceptron learning with sign constrained weights

 224  N. Sourlas
      Error-correcting codes and spin-glasses

 225  J.Mørch Pedersen
      Simuleret udglødning

 226  J. Mørch Pedersen
      Optimal degree of parallel implementation in optimization

 227  Y.Y. Goldschmidt
      Replica symmetry breaking in the spin-glass model on
      lattice with finite connectivity: application to
      graph partitioning

 228  P. Cvitanovic
      Chaos for cyclists

 229  S.M. Rezende
      Spin wave instabilities, auto oscillations and chaos in

 230  T. Tel
      On the organisation of transient chaos - application
      to irregular scattering

 231  Z. Kovacs
      Universal f () specturm as an eigenvalue

 232  P. Szepfalusy
      Dynamical fractal properties of one-dimensional maps

 233  E. Gozzi et al
      Algebraic characterization of ergodicity

 234  P.M. Gade et al
      Characterizing loss of memory in a dynamical system
      using multifractals

 235  A. Csordas
      Dynamical multifractal properties of a map related to
      a chaotic cosmological model

 236  H. Fujisaka et al
      Dynamic scaling law of order-q time correlation function

 237  M. Inoue et al
      Fluctuation spectrum theory of ising spin sequences
      a new approach to ising spin patterns

 238  A. Yamaguchi et al
      Static and dynamic scaling laws near the symmetry-
      breaking chaos transition in the double-well potential

 239  T. Yoshida et al
      Global bifurcations and fluctuation spectra of local
      expansion rates in nonlinear dynamical systems

 240  H. Fujisaka et al
      Scaling structures of fluctuation spectra near chaotic
      transition points

 241  H. Fujisaka et al
      Correlation functions of temporal fluctuations

 242  H. Fujisaka et al
      Ensemble processing and the global characterization
      of temporal and spatial fluctuations

 243  A. De Masi et al
      Incompressible navier-stokes and euler limits of the
      Boltzmann equation

 244  A. DeMasi et al
      Hydrodynamics of stochastic cellular automata

 245  q-Phase transitions in chaotic attractors of differential
      equations at bifuraction points

 246  W. Liebert
      Optimal embeddings of chaotic attractors from
      topological considerations

 247  W. Liebert et al
      Proper choice of the time delay for the analysis of
      chaotic time series

 248  P.S. Linsay 
      Three-frequency quasiperiodicity phase locking, and the
      onset of chaos

 249  T. Yoshida et al.
      The q-phase transition and critical scaling laws near
      the Band-Crisis Point of chaotic attractors

 250  S. Miyazaki et al
      q-phase transitions and critical phenomena just after
      band crises

 251  H. Hata et al
      Dynamic description of the critical 2  attractor
      and 2  -band chaos

 252  J. Machta et al
      Decay of correlations in the regular Lorentz gas

 253  T. Kobayashi et al.
      Critical scaling laws of dynamic structure functions
      for type I intermittent chaos

 254  P. Coullet 
      Parity-breaking bifurcations of modulated patterns
      in hydrodynamic systems

 255  T. Horita et al
      Dynamics on critical Tori at the onset of chaos and
      critical KAM Tori

 256  P. Grassberger
      Randomness, information, and complexity

 257  M.C. de Sousa Vieira
      Scaling factors associated with m-furcations of the
      l-a x z map

 258  P. Glendinning et al
      A new concept in renormalisation group theory for
      dynamical systems

 259  E. Aurell
      Convergence of dynamical Zeta functions

 260  S. Östlund
      Algebraic symmetries of quasicrystals

 261  Z. Kovacs et al
      The thermodynamics of irregular scattering

 262  P. Gaspard et al
      Soliton-like structure in parametric distortion of
      energy spectra

 263  K. Nakamura et al
      Quantum dynamics of a pulsed-spin system: long-time
      bahavior of semiclassical wavefunctions

 264  K. Nakamura
      Integrability and nonintegrability aspects of quantum chaos

 265  K. Nakamura
      Quantum chaos in magnetic phenomena

 266  K. Nakamura
      Quantum chaos: Fundamental problems and application
      to material science

 267  J.A. Ketoja
      Breakup of Kol'mogorov-arnol'd-moser tori of
      arbitrary frequency in a two-parameter system

 268  J. Honerkamp et al
      Tikhonovs regularization method for ill-posed problems:
      A comparison of different methods for the determination
      of the regularization parameter

 269  J. Honerkamp
      Ill-posed problems in rheology

 270  I. Percival
      Note on "Diffusion of Quantum States 2"

 271  C.M. Gray et al
      Oscillatory responses in cat visual cortex exhibit 
      inter-columnar synchronization which reflects
      global stimulus properties

 272  C.M. Gray et al
      Stimulus-specific neuronal oscillations in orientation
      columns of cat visual cortex

 273  K. Chen
      A simple learning algorithm for the travelling salesman

 274  L.B. Ioffe et al
      Increased storage capacity for hierarchically structured
      information in a neural network of ising type

 275  P. Bak et al
      The physics of fractals

 276  S.S. Christensen et al
      The primary visual system: an attempt to understand the
      function of its structure

 277  D.J. Amit et al
      Neural potentials as stimuli for attractor neural networks

 278  H. Shouval et al.
      An all-optical Hopfield network: theory and experiment

 279  S. Renals et al
      Phoneme classification experiments using radial basis

 280  T. Uchiyama, et al
      A modified leaky integrator network for temporal pattern

 281  R. Eckhorn et al
      Experimental results from cat visual cortex and
      functional implications from a network model

 282  D.C. Tam et al
      A model for temporal correlation of biological
      neuronal spike trains

 283  Y. Chauvin
      Principal component analysis by gradient descent
      on a constrained linear hebbian cell

 284  A.W. Smith et al
      Encoding sequential structure: experience with the
      real-time recurrent learning algorithm

 285  Fu-Sheng Tsung et al
      A sequential adder using recurrent networks

 286  M.I. Jordan
      Generic constraints on underspecified target trajectories

 287  B. Kosko
      Unsupervised learning in noise

 288  K. Doya et al
      Memorizing oscillatory patterns in the analog neuron 

 289  M. Gherrity
      A learning algorithm for analog, fully recurrent neural

 290  B.A. Pearlmutter
      Learning state space trajectories in recurrent neural

 291  B. Baird
      A bifurcation theory approach to vector field programming
      for periodic attractors

 292  T. Grossman
      The CHIR Algorithm: A Generalization for Multiple Output
      and multilayered networks

 293  B. Schurmann
      Stability and adaptation in artificial neural systems

 294  S. Miyazaki et al
       -Phase transitions and critical phenomena just after
      band crises

 295  P. Collet
      The time dependent amplitude equation for the swift-Hohenberg

 296  D. Auerback et al.
      Grammatical complexity of strange sets

 297  T. Yoshida et al.
      The  -phase transition and critical scaling laws near the
      band-crisis point of chaotic attractors

 298  H. Hata et al.
      Dynamic description of the critical 2  attractor and 2m-band

 299  H. Shibata et al.
      Dynamic scaling laws for the intermittent switching between
      two bands

 300  S.C. Creagh et al.
      Geometrical properties of maslow indices in the semicalssical
      trace formula for the density of states

 301  J.M. Robbins et al.
      Uniform quantization conditions in the presence of symmetry:
      the rotational spectrum of SF6

 302  J.L. McCauley et al.
      Deterministic statistical independence

 303  C. Elphick et al.
      Spiral vortex interactions

 304  G. Györgyi et al.
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      Structure of eigenfunctions in terms of classical trajectorie
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      Semiclassical approximations in the coherent state 

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      Eigenfunctions of non-integrable systems in generalized
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      Supercomputing in Finland - a new era

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1 Feb. 1996
Kai Hansen, khansen@nbi.dk