NBI Preprints shelved in the Chaos room (Eb1)

Chaos, Complex Systems: CATS received preprints 1995

There are also lists for 1989, 1990-1993, 1994, 1996 , 1997 1998 ,

 3    V. L'vov and I. Procaccia
      Intermittency in hydrodynamic turbulence as intermediate...

 4    M. Paczuski, P. Bak and S. Maslov
      Stationarity laws in systems with extremal dynamics

 5    Jens Chr. Larsen
      Flat maximal immersions

 6    V. L'vov and I. Procaccia
      Exact resummations in the theory of hydrodynamic turbulence:
      The ball of locality and normal scaling

 7    H. Svensmark and P. Dimon
      Experimental observation of Berry's phase of the Lorentz grou

 8    P.M. Gade and H.A. Cerdeira
      Coupled maps on trees

 9    N.I. Chernov and S. Troubetzkoy
      Measures with infinite Lyapunov exponents for the periodic..

 10   Kazumoto Iguchi
      Universal algebraic varieties and ideals in physics

 11   P. Boyland
      Dual billiards, twist maps and impact oscillators

 12   James J. Morehead
      Asymptotics of radial wave equations

 13   Henrik Svensmark and Peter Dimon
      Experimental observation of Berry's phase of the Lorentz grou

 14   David Pierson and Frank Moss
      Detecting periodic unstable fixed points in noisy chaotic
      and limit cycle attractors with applications to biology

 15   Tetsuji Kawabe
      Chaotic behaviour in sphaleron solution

 16   Tetsuji Kawabe
      Onset of chaos in SU(2) Yang-Mills-Higgs theory with monopole

 17   T. Kawabe and S. Ohta
      Onset of chaos in time-dependent spherically symmetric SU(2)

 18   T. Kawabe and S. Ohta
      Order-to-chaos transition in SU(2) Yang-Mills-Higgs theory

 19   T. Kawabe and S. Ohta
      Chaos in a periodic three-particle system under Yukawa intera

 20   H. Primack and U. Smilansky
      Quantization of the three dimensional Sinai billiard

 21   V. Balakrishan, C. Nicolis and G. Nicolis
      Extreme value distributions in chaotic dynamics

 22   A. Shil'nikov, G. Nicolis and C. Nicolis
      Bifurcation and predictability analysis of a low-order
      atmospheric circulation model                  

 23   P.D. Kaplan, L.P. Faucheux and A.J. Libchaber
      Direct oberservation of the entropic potential in a binary

 24   Bent Lauritzen and Niall D. Whelan
      Weyl expansion for symmetric potentials

 25   Andreas Wirzba
      Non-paper about the connection formula between exact quantum
      mechanics and semi-classics for any non-overlapping disk

 26   T. Kawabe and S. Ohta
      Numerical study of chaos in Yang-Mills-Higgs system

 27   Brian S. McMillan
      Pythagoras and the field unified theoretic

 28   Q.Ouyang, G.H. Gunaratne and H.L. Swinney
      Rhombic patterns: broken hexagonal symmetry

 29   Luc Pierre Faucheux
      Forces in the Brownian world

 30   Gemunu H. Gunaratne
      A theory of patterns

 31   M.H. Ernst, J.R. Dorfman, R.Nix and D. Jacobs
      Mean field theory for Lyapunov exponents and Kolmogorov-Sinai

 32   D. Schertzer and S. Lovejoy
      Nonlinear variability in geophysics 3: Scaling and
      multifractal processes

 33   N. Whelan, Y. Alhassid and A. Leviatan
      Partial dynamical symmetry and the suppression of chaos

 34   Niall D. Whelan
      Effective group structure in the interacting Boson model

 35   V.V. Flambaum and O.K. Vorov
      Matrix elements between nuclear compound states and dynamical

 36   O.K. Vorov and A.V. Vagov
      Problem of a quantum particle in a random potential on a line

 37   V.V. Flaumbaum and O.K. Vorov
      Renormalization of the P- and T-odd nuclear potentials by

 38   O.K. Vorov
      Quantum chaos and fundamental symmetry violations in nuclei

 39   V.V. Flambaum and O.K. Vorov
      Induced parity nonconserving interaction and enhancement of

 40   V.V. Flambaum and O.K. Vorov
      Effects of t- and p-odd weak nuleon interaction in nuclei:

 41   M. Martens and C. Tresser
      Forcing of periodic orbits for interval maps and renormalizat
      ions of piecewise affine maps

 42   P.J.E. Peebles and B. Ratra
      Cosmology with a time-variable cosmological constant

 43   M.A. Sepulveda and E.J. Heller
      Semiclassical calculation and analysis of dynamical systems

 44   Y. Tanabe and K. Kaneko
      Behavior of a falling paper

 45   Svend E. Rugh
      Chaos in the Einstein equations - characterization and import

 46   Svend E. Rugh
      Aspects of chaos in the fundamental interactions

 47   E. Vergini and M. Saraceno
      Calculation by scaling of highly excited states of Billiards

 48   Tamir Gil and Lev V. Mikheev
      Curvature controlled wetting in two dimensions

 49   G. Paladin, M. Pasquini and M. Serva
      Constrained annealing for systems with quenched disorder

 50   K. Kaneko and I. Tsuda
      Constructive complexity and artificial reality: an intro

 51   K. Kaneko
      Relevance of dynamic clustering to biological networks

 52   J. Suzuki and K. Kaneko
      Imitation games

 53   Paolo Sibani, Michel R. Schmidt and Preben Alstrøm
      Fitness optimization and decay of extinction rate through
      biological evolution

 54   A.P. Kuznetsov, S.P. Kuznetsov and I.R. Sataev
      Variety of types of critical behavior and multistability

 55   A.P. Kuznetsov, S.P. Kuznetsov and I.R. Sataev
      Three-parameter scaling for one-dimensional maps

 56   S.P. Kuznetsov
      Tricriticality in two-dimensional maps

 57   M. Bazhenov and M. Rabinovich
      Synchronized disorder in a 2D complex Ginzburg-Landau equati

 58   S.P. Kuznetsov
      Renormalization group, universality and scaling in dynamics

 59   Mat-nyt nr. 816 16.Nov. 94

 60   Mat-nyt nr. 820 d. 4 Jan. 1995

 61   Mat-nyt nr. 821 d. 11. Jan 1995

 62   Mat-nyt nr. 822 d. 18. jan. 1995

 63   Mat-nyt nr. 824 d. 1. feb. 1995

 64   Mat-nyt nr. 825 d. 8. feb. 1995

 8    P.M. Gade, H.A. Cerdeira and R. Ramaswamy
      Coupled maps on trees

 65   Kuznetsov, A.P and Kuznetsov, S.P.
      Critical dynamics of coupled map lattices near the border 
      of chaos (in Russian)

 66   Kuznetsov, A.P. and Kuznetsov S.P.
      Critical dynamics of coupled map lattices - review article
      (in Russian)


 67   S.Prakash, S.Havlin, M.Schwartz and H.E.Stanley
      Structural and dynamical properties of long range correlated

 68   S.Prakash, A.Coniglio and H.E. Stanley
      Series expansion method based on the droplet description

 69   S. Prakash and G. Nicolis
      Dynamics of fluctuations in a reactive system of low spatial

 70   Tomaz Prosen and Marko Robnik
      Semiclassical energy level statistics in the transition
      region between integrability and chaos

 71   A. Brandenburg, Aa. Nordlund, R.F. Stein and U. Torkelsson
      Dynamo generated turbulence and large scale magnetic fields

 72   Mark Oxborrow and Marek Mihalkovic
      Lurking in the wings: a random-tiling geometry for decagonal

 73   Ellegaard, Guhr, Lindemann, Lorensen, Nygård and Oxborrow
      Spectral Statistics of acoustic resonances in aluminum

 74   S.S. Abdullaev
      Chaos and Dynamics of Rays in waveguide media

 75   S.S. Abdullaev
      Two-dimensional model of a kicked oscillator

 76   S.S. Abdullaev and G.M. Zaslavskii
      Classical nonlinear dynamics and chaos of rays in problems
      of wave propagation

 77   F. Christiansen, H.H. Rugh and S.E. Rugh
      Non-integrability of the mixmaster universe

 78   Bruno F. Pouet and Sridhar Krishnaswamy
      Additive-subtractive phase-modulated electronic speckle 

 79   Guy Metcalfe and J.M. Ottino
      Autocatalytic processes in mixing flows

 80   Uzy Smilansky
      Semiclassical quantization of chaotic billiards

 81   Tomaz Prosen
      Quantum surface of section method

 82   Baowen Li and Marko Robnik
      Separationg the regular and irregular energy levels

 83   Per Dahlqvist
      Approximate zeta functions for the Sinai billiard

 84   T. Kawabe and S. Ohta
      Onset of chaos in Yang-Mills Higgs systems

 85   V. Putkaradze, Tomas Bohr and Joachim Krug
      Global estimates for the solutions of the noiseless
      conserved Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation

 86   Nathan Argaman
      Semiclassical analysis of the conductance of mesoscopic syste

 87   Harel Primack and Uzy Smilansky
      Quantization of the three dimensional Sinai billiard

 88   B.Dietz, J.P.Eckmann, C.A.Pillet, U.Smilansky, I.Ussishkin
      Inside-outside duality for planar billiards

 89   Per Bak and Maya Paczuski
      Complexity, contingency and criticality

 90   Mat-nyt nr. 826 d. 15.2.

 91   Mat-nyt nr. 827 d. 22.2.

 92   S. Hayes, C. Grebogi, Ed Ott and A. Mark
      Experimental control of chaos for communication

 93   Wai Chin, Ed Ott, Helena Nusse and C. Grebogi
      Grazing bifurcations in impact oscillators

 94   M. Saraceno and A. Voros
      Towards a semiclassical theory of the quantum baker's map

 95   Gregor Tanner and Dieter Wintgen
      Towards a semiclassical quantum defect theory for helium

 96   Julyan Cartwright, Mario Feingold and Oreste Piro
      Chaotic advection in three dimensional unsteady incompressibl
      e laminar flow

 97   J. Cartwright, M. Feingold and O. Piro
      Passive scalars and three dimensional Liouvillian maps

 98   A. Fairhall, O. Gat, V. L'vov and I. Procaccia
      Anomalous scaling in a model of passive scalar advection

 99   S.J.Schiff,K.Jerger,D.H.Duong,T.Chang,M.Spano,W.Ditto
      Controlling chaos in the brain

 100  J. Cartwright, M. Feingold and O. Piro
      Passive scalars and three-dimensional Liouvillian maps

 101  E. Vergini and M. Saraceno
      Calculation by scaling of highly excited states of billiards

 102  Tomaz Prosen
      Quantum surface of section method: Eigenstates and Unitary
      quantum Poincare evolution

 103  M.Ding, Ed Ott and C. Grebogi
      Crisis control: Preventing chaos-induced capsizing of ship

 104  Greg W. Anderson
      Notes on dynamical zeta-functions

 105  Harold W. Kroto
      Buckminsterfullerene, The celestial sphere that fell to earth

 106  Lyman Hurd and Celso Grebogi
      On the tendency toward ergodicity with increasing number
      of degrees of freedom in Hamiltonian systems

 107  Ying-Cheng Lai, Celso Grebogi and Eric J. Kostelich
      Extreme final state sensitivity in inhomogeneous spatiotempor
      al chaotic systems

 108   G. Boffetta, G. Paladin and A. Vulpiani
      Strong chaos without butterfly effect in dynamical systems
      with feedback

 109  S. Dawson, C. Grebogi, T. Sauer and J.A. Yorke
      Obstructions to shadowing when a Lyapunov exponent
      fluctuates about zero

 110  Mat-nyt d. 1. marts 

 111  Mat-nyt den 8. marts

 112  Mat-nyt den 29. marts

 113  Mat-nyt den 5. april

 114  Mat-nyt den 19. april 

 115  G. Levin and S. van Strien
      Local connectivity of the Julia set of real polynomials

 116  G. Levin and S. van Strien
      An extension and an erratum to no. 115

 117  R.L. Weaver and D. Sornette
      The range of spectral correlations in pseudointegrable system

 118  A. Figotin and P. Kuchment
      Band-gap structure of spectra of periodic dielectric and
      acoustic media II

 119  Ronnie Mainieri
      Geometrization of spin systems using cycle expansions

 120  Oliver Bauer and Ronnie Mainieri
      The convergence of chaotic integrals

 121  M.Brack, R.K.Bhaduri,J.Law, C.Maier and M. Murthy
      Effect of a magnetic flux line on the quantum beats in the
      Henon-Heiles level density

 122  J. Marklof
      On multiplicities in length spectra of arethmetic hyperbolic

 123  R. Aurich and J. Marklof
      Trace formulae for three-dimensional hyperbolic lattices
      and application to a strongly chaotic tetrahedral billiard

 124  Matthias Brack and Sudhir R. Jain
      Analytical tests of Gutzwiller's trace formula for harmonic
      oscillator potentials

 125  M.Baranger,M.Haggerty,B.Lauritzen,D.Meredith and Provost
      Periodic orbits of nonscaling Hamiltonian systems from 
      quantum mechanics

 126  Mat-nyt nr. 836 d. 3. maj

 127  Mat-nyt nr. 837 d. 10. maj

 128  D. Richards and T. Szeredi
      One dimensional excited hydrogen atoms in short pulsed high
      frequency fields

 129  Klaus Jung
      Adiabatic invariance and the regularity of perturbations

 130   Giovanni Gallavotti
      Chaotic principle: some applications to developed turbulence

 131  Raphael Blumenfeld
      Pattern formation in laplacian growth: theory

 132  David Ruelle
      Sharp zeta functions for smooth interval maps

 133  David Ruelle
      Functional determinants related to dynamical systems
      and the thermodynamic formalism

 134  M.R. Haggerty
      Semiclassical quantization using Bogomolny's quantum surface

 135  Nicolas Pavloff
      Trace formula for an ensemble of bumpy billiards

 136  Nicolas Pavloff and Charles Schmit
      Diffractive orbits in quantum billiards

 137  N. Berglund, H. Kunz
      Integrability and ergodicity of classical billiards in a
      magnetic field

 138  Hanspeter Herzel and Carsten Knudsen
      Bifurcations in a vocal fold model

 139  Lund, Hansen, Soerensen, Mosekilde, Nielsen and Hansen
      Increased adhesion as a mechanism of antibody-dependent
      and antibody-independent complement-mediated enhancement of
      human immunodeficiency virus infection

 140  L-U. W. Hansen, M. Christensen and Erik Mosekilde
      Deterministic analysis of the probability machine

 141   O.Jensen, V.O.Pannbacker, E.Mosekilde, Dewel, Brockmans
      Localized structures and front propagation in the 
      Lengyel-Epstein model

 142  P.E. Cladis and P. Palffy-Muhoray
      Spatio-temporal patterns in nonequilibrium complex systems

 143  Sturis,Knudsen,O'Meara,Thomsen, Mosekilde,Cauter,Polonsky
      Phase-locking regions in a forced model of slow insulin
      and glucose oscillations

 144  G. Osipenko
      Symbolic analysis of the recurrent trajectories of dynamical

 145  Victor J. Donnay
      Using integrability to produce chaos: Billiards with positive

 146  Stafan Güttler and Kai T. Hansen
      Classical chaotic dynamics of hydrogen in magnetic field

 147  F. Mortessagne, O. Legrand and D. Sornette
      Geometric theory of wave dynamics in chaotic billiards

 148  Bo Christiansen, Preben Alstrom and Mogen T. Levinsen
      Dissipation and ordering in capillary waves at high aspect

 149  Preben Alstrøm and Dimitris Stassinopoulos
      Versatility and adaptive performance

 150  Mat-nyt nr. 842 d. 14.6.

 151  Mat-nyt nr. 843 d. 21.6.

 152  Harel Primack and Uzy Smilansky
      Quantization of the three dimensional Sinai billiard

 153  Philip Boyland
      Topological methods in surface dynamics

 154  Marcelo Viana
      Multidimensional nonhyperbolic attractors

 155  N. Gisin and M. Rigo
      Relevant and irrelevant nonlinear schrodinger equations

 156  Viviane Baladi and Marcelo Viana
      Strong stochastic stability and rate of mixing for unimodal m

 157  A. Chekhlov and V. Yakhot
      Kolmogorov turbulence in a random force driven burgers equat

 158  U.Stoffregen, J.Stein, H.J.Stockmann, M.Kus and F.Haake
      Microwave billiards with broken time reversal symmetry

 159  R. Artuso, G. Casati and I. Guarneri
      Numerical experiments on billiards

 160  U. Feudel, J. Kurths and A. Pikovsky
      Strange nonchaotic attractor in a quasiperiodically forced
      circle map

 161  J. Kurths and A. Pikovsky
      A kinematic fast magnetic dynamo model with zero total flux

 162  J. Casasayas, J. Llibre and A. Nunes
      Periods and lefschetz zeta functions

 163  V. Baladi, Y. Jiang and O.E. Lanford III
      Transfer operators acting on zygmund functions

 164  A. Fairhall, O. Gat, V. L'vov and I. Procaccia
      Anomalous scaling in a model of passive scalar advection:
      Exact results

 165  B. Dietz, J.P. Eckmann, C.A. Pillet, U. Smilansky, Ussishkin
      Inside-outside duality for planar billiards- a numerical stud

 166  M.A. Natiello and H.G. Solari
      Remarks on braid theory and the characterisation of periodic

 167  A.S. Pikovsky, M.A. Zaks, U. Reudel and J. Kurths
      Singular continuous spectra in dissipative dynamics

 168  Tad Hogg, B.A. Hubermann and M. Youssefmir
      The instability of markets

 169  Gunter Radons
      Emergence of quenched phases and second order transitions
      for sums of multifractal measures

 170  Gunter Radons and Ruedi Stoop
      Superpositions of multifractals: Generators of phase
      transitions in the generalized thermodynamic formalism

 171  E. Lau and D. Schleicher
      Internal addresses in the mandelbrot set and irreducibility

 172  J.A.C. Gallas
      Structure of the parameter space of a ring cavity

 173  J.A.C. Gallas, W.P. Schleich and J.A. Wheeler
      Waves at walls, corners, heights: looking for simplicity

 174  B.Hunt, J.Gallas, C.Grebogi, J. Yorke and H.Kocak
      Bifurcation rigidity

 175  G. Gallavotti and E.G.D. Cohen
      Dynamical ensembles in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics

 176  S. Marmi, P. Moussa and J.C. Yoccoz
      Continued fraction transformations, Brjuno functions and BMO

 177  S. Marmi, P. Moussa and J.C. Yoccoz
      The Brjuno functions and their regularity properties

 178  Jason A.C. Gallas
      A method for studying stability domains in physical models

 179  Jason A.C. Gallas
      Dissecting shrimps: results for some one-dimensional phy.mod.

 180  L. Keen and J. Kotus
      Density in the Family   tan z

 181  Giovanni Gallavotti
      Chaotic hypothesis: Onsager reciprocity and fluctuation-dis

 182  E. Doon and S.D. Frischat
      Semiclassical description of tunneling in mixed systems

 183  K.A. Metveev, L.I. Glazman and H.U. Baranger
      Tunneling spectroscopy of quantum charge fluctuations in the
      coulomb blockade

 184  Toshio Yoshikawa and Kazumoto Iguchi
      Relation between a class of quasiperiodic lattices generated

 185  Asher Peres and Daniel Terno
      Evolution of Liouville density of a chaotic system

 186  J.P. Eckmann, G. Goren and I. Procaccia
      A. scenario for the onset of space-time chaos

 187  H. Baranger and Pier Mello
      Effect of phase breaking on quantum transport through
      chaotic cavities

 188  S. Ruffo and D. Shepelyansky
      Universal diffusion near the golden chaos border

 189  Kai T. Hansen
      Alternative method to find orbits in chaotic systems

 190  M. Siber, H. Primack, U. Smilansky, I. Ussishkin, H. Schanz
      Semiclassical quantization of billiards with mixed boundary

 191  Baowen Li and Marko Robnik
      Boundary integral method applied in chaotic quantum billiards

 192  David Ruelle
      Thermodynamic formalism for maps satisfying positive
      expansiveness and specification

 193  M. Pollicott and R. Sharp
      Rates of recurrence Zq and Rq extensions of subshifts of

 194  E.B. Bogomolny and J.P. Keating
      Random matrix theory and the Riemann zeros I:

 195  P.A. Boasman and J.P. Keating
      Semiclassical asymptotics of perturbed cat maps

 196  Michael Henseler
      Nachweis der Existenz der determinante der s-matrix fur

 197  Victor L'vov and Itamar Procaccia
      Exact resummations in the theory of hydrodynamic turbulence

 198  Søren Bertil Fabricius Dorch
      Chaotic and non-linear behavior of variable stars

 199  Jens Chr. Larsen
      Multilinear geometry

 200  Victor L'vov and Itamar Procaccia
      Wxact resummations in the theory of hydrodynamic turbulence:
      A ladder to anomalous scaling

 201  Victor L'vov and Itamar Procaccia
      Exact resummations: III Scenarios for anomalous scaling
      and intermittency

 202  Zeev Olami, Itamar Procaccia and Reuven Zeitak
      Interface roughening in systems with quenched disorder

 203  P.E.Lindelof, P.Hullmann, P.Bøggild,M.Persson and S.Reimann
      Electronic shells in large quantum dots

 204  Baowen Li and Marko Robnik
      Boundary integral method applied in chaotic quantum billiards

 205  Pierre Gaspard
      Quantization of chaos: h-expansion theory

 206  Harold U. Baranger and Pier A. Mello
      Short paths and information theory in quantum chaotic 
      scattering: Transport through quantum dots

 207  V. Baladi and D. Ruelle
      An extension of the theorem of milnor and thurston on the zet

 208  Pollner Peter
      A Hungarian paper

 209  G.H. Gunaratne, R.E. Jones, Q. Ouyang adn H.L. Swinney
      An invariant measure of disorder in patterns

 210  G.H. Gunaratne, M. el-Hamdi, M. Gorman and K.A. Robbins
      Asymmetric cells and rotating rings in cellular flames

 211  Jens Chr. Larsen
      Isotropic tangency

 212  O. Kupervasser, Z. Olami and I. Procaccia
      The geometry of developing flame fronts: analysis with pole

 213  Victor L'vov and Itamar Procaccia
      Fusion rules in turbulent systems with flux equilibrium

 214  Genadi M. Levin
      On the cross ratio of solutions of a first-order scalar

 215  G. Gores, J.P. Eckmann and Itamar Procaccia
      A scenario for the onset of space-time chaos

 216  A. Kudrolli and S. Sridhar
      Microwave 2-disk scattering

 217  Christian T. Veje
      Density fluctuations in a granular flow

 218  H. Primack, H. Schanz, U. Smilansky and I. Ussishkin
      The role of diffraction in the quantization of dispersing

 219  J.H. Lowenstein
      Fixed-point densities for a quasiperiodic kicked-oscillator

 220  J.H. Lowenstein
      Equal abundance of positive- and negative-residue fixed

 221  P. Finkler, C.E. Jones and G.A. Sowell
      Numerical study of regularities, threshold properties and
      families of closed orbits

 222  Jurgen Vollmer and Wolfgang Breymann
      Kneading theory for pruned baker maps

 223  Gregor Tanner and Dieter Wintgen
      Semiclassical quantisation of intermittency in helium

 224  Christian Counillon
      Two point velocity correlation in turbulent grid flow

 225  P. Biechele, D.A. Goodings and J.H. Lefebvre
      Energy spactra of the hydrogen atom and the harmonic oscillat

 226  Henrik Bruus and Niall D. Whelan
      Periodic orbit theory of edge diffraction

 227  A. Johansen, D. Sornette, A. Arneodo, J.F.Muzy, H. Saleur
      Complex fractal dimensions describe the hierarchical 
      structure of DLA clusters

 228  B.A. Shadwick, J.C. Bowman and P.J. Morrison
      Exactly conservative integrators

 229  Kai T. Hansen and Achim Kohler
      Chaotic scattering through potentials with rainbow singulari

 230  Michael Youssefmir and Bernardo A. Huberman
      Clustered volatility in multiagent dynamics

 231  Mat-nyt nr. 844 d. 16. aug. 

 232  Mat-nyt nr. 845 d. 23 august

 233  Mat-nyt nr. 846 d. 30 august

 217  Christian T. Veje
      Density Fluctuations in a Granular Flow

 234  Mark Oxborrow and Clive Ellegaard
      Quantum chaology in quartz

 235  J. Stein, H.J. Stöckmann and U. Stoffregen
      Microwave studies of billiard green functions and propagators

 236  B. Georgeot and R.E. Prange
      Exact and quasiclassical Fredholm solutions of quantum bill.

 237  B. Georgeot and R.E. Prange
      Fredholm theory for quasiclassical scattering

 238  V. Loreto, Giovanni Paladin and Angelo Vulpiani
      On the concept of complexity in random dynamical systems

 239  C. Rouvinez and U. Smilansky
      A scattering approach to the quantization of Hamiltonians
      in two dimensions-application to the wedge billiard

 240  H. Primack, H. Schanz, U. Smilansky and I. Ussishkin
      The role of diffraction in the quantization of dispersing 

 241  41
      The smooth spectral counting function and the total phase
      shift for quantum billiards

 242  B. Eckhardt, S. Fishman, J. Keating, O.Agam, J.Main,K.Muller
      Approach to ergodicity in quantum wave functions

 243  Ellegaard, Guhr, Lindemann, Lorensen, Nygård, Oxborrow
      Spectral statistics of acoustic resonances in aluminum blocks

 244  A.M. Chang, H.U. Baranger, L.N. Pfeiffer, K.W. West, T.Chang
      Non-Gaussian distribution of Coulomb blockade peak heights 
      in quantum dots

 245  Jens Chr. Larsen
      The Jacobi map

 246  Kai T. Hansen and Achim Kohler
      Chaotic scattering through potentials with rainbow singularit

 247  Gregor Tanner and Dieter Wintgen
      Semiclassical quatisation of intermittency in helium

 248  Christian Reick and Erik Mosekilde
      Emergence of quasiperiodicity in symmetrically coupled,
      identical period-doubling systems

 249  Harold U. Baranger
      Chaos in ballistic nanostructures: Theory

 250  A.R. Kolovsky
      A remark on the problem of quantum-classical correspondence
      in the case of chaotic dynamics

 251  Baowen Li and Marko Robnik
      Is there relevance of chaos in numerical solutions of 
      quantum billiards?

 252  H. Hasegawa and M. Robnik
      On the applicability of the energy level dynamics for the
      hamiltonian systems

 253  Tomaz Prosen and Marko Robnik
      Survey of the eigenfunctions of a billiard system between
      integrability and chaos

 254  Marko Robnik
      On the Pade approximations to the Birkhoff-Gustavson normal f

 255  R.E. Prange, E. Ott, T.M. Antonsen B. Georgeot, R. Blümel
      Smoothed density of states for problems with Ray splitting

 256  R. Blümel, T.M. Antonsen, B. Georgeot, E. Ott, R.E. Prange
      Ray splitting and quantum chaos

 257  H. Tominaga and H. Mori
      Hopf bifurcations and chaos in the S-shaped I-V systems

 258  R. Aurich and F. Steiner
      Statistical properties of highly excited quantum eigenstates
      of a strongly chaotic system

 259  Per Dahlqvist
      Decay of correlations, Lyapunov exponents and anomalous 
      diffusion in the Sinai billiard

 260  Per Dahlqvist
      On the duality between periodic orbit statistics and 
      quantum level statistics

 261  Mark Srednicki
      Quantum chaos and statistical mechanics

 262  R. Fleischmann, T. Geisel, C. Holzknecht and R. Ketzmerick
      Nonlinear dynamics of composite fermions in nanostructures

 263  Satoru Morita
      Bifurcations in globally coupled chaotic maps

 264  R.K. Bhaduri, A. Khare and J. Law
      The phase of the Riemann zeta function and the inverted
      harmonic oscillator

 265  B.S. Helmkamp and D.A. Browne
      The role of the environment in chaotic quantum dynamics

 266  Jan R.M. Röman
      Characterization of real fractal objects

 267  Thomas Guhr
      Transitions toward Quantum Chaos: with Supersymmetry from
      Poisson to Gauss

 268  M. Sodin and P. Yuditski
      The limit-periodic finite-difference operator on l2(Z)

 269  Alexander Fel'shtyn and Richard Hill
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1 Feb. 1996
Kai Hansen, khansen@nbi.dk