NBI Preprints shelved in the Chaos room (Eb1)

Chaos, Complex Systems: CATS received preprints 1996

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 2    G. Slekys, K. Staliunas C.O. Weiss
      Motion of phase singularities in a class-B laser

 3    K. Staliunas, A. Berzanskis, V. Jarutis 
      Vortex statistics in optical speckle fields

 4    E. Gaizauskas, K. Staliunas
      On the optimum conditions for the self-organization in
      three wave nonlinear coupling

 5    K. Staliunas, M.F.H. Tarroja and C.O. Weiss
      Transverse mode locking, antilocking and self-induced
      dynamics of class-B lasers

 6    K. Staliunos
      Why appears patterns?

 7    M Vergassola
      Anomalous scaling for passively advected magnetic fields

 8    Asa Ben-Hur and Ofer Biham
      Universality in sandpile models

 9    Artur Lopes and Roberto Markarian
      Open billiards: invariant and conditionally invariant
      probabilities on cantor sets

 10   Artur Lopes and R. Daniel Mauldin
      Generic properties of open billiards

 11   M. Bauer and A. Lopes
      A billiard in the hyperbolic plane with decay of corr.

 12   Michael Henseler
      Quantisierung eines chaotischen systems: Die streuung an

 13   Ofer Biham, M. Karimi, G. Vidali, R. Kennett and H. Zeng
      Models for diffusion and island growth in metal monolayers

 14   T.C. Wang and Y.S. Gou
      A discussion on the Josephson AC effect and the fractional
      energy quantization

 15   Per Dahlqvist
      The Lyapunov exponent in the sinai billiard in the small
      scatterer limit

 16   Per Dahlqvist and Roberto Artuso
      On the decay of correlations in Sinai billiards with infinite

 17   Kai T. Hansen
      Bifurcation structures for multi-modal maps

 18   Daniel Hamburger, Ofer Biham and David Avnir
      Randomness and apparent fractality

 19   Victor L'vov, Evgenii Podivilov and Itamar Procaccia
      Scaling behavior in turbulence is doubly anomalous

 20   Hsen-Che Tseng and Hung-Jung Chen
      Analytic results for the diffusion coefficient of a 
      piecewise linear map

 21   S.M. Reimann, S. Frauendorf and M. Brack
      Triaxial shapes of sodium clusters

 22   M.V. Bazhenov and E.F. Sabaev
      Existence and global behavior of solutions to some
      nonlinear differential equations with a feedback

 23   J. Simonet, E. Brun and R. Badii
      Transition to chaos in a laser system with delayed feedback

 24   C. Letellier, E. Ringuet, B. Maheu, G. Gouesbet
      Global vector field reconstruction of chaotic attractors
      from one unstable periodic orbit

 25   Victor Gurarie and Alexander Migdal
      Instantons in burgers equation

 26   Viviane Baladi, A. Kondah and B. Schmitt
      Random correlations for small perturbations of expanding maps

 27   Mark Srednicki
      Thermal fluctuations in quantized chaotic systems

 28   Mark Srednicki
      Comment on "Spatial correlation in quantum chaotic systems

 29   Darwin Chang, Shi-Chang Lee and Wen-Jer Tzeng
      Exact solution of a one dimensional deterministic sandpile mo

 30   D. Klakow and U. Smilansky
      Wavefunctions, expectation values and scars on Poincare secti

 31   V. Loreto, G. Paladin and A. Vulpiani
      On the concept of complexity in random dynamical systems

 32   Anders B. Eriksson, Jari Kinaret and Lev Mikheev
      Fluctuating loops and glassy dynamics of a pinned line in
      two dimensions

 33   Mirko Degli Esposti and Stefano Isola
      Distribution of closed orbits for linear automorphisms of tor

 34   Kang-Jie Shi
      Quantization of Chirikov map and quantum kam theorem

 35   D. Sornette, Anders Johansen and J-P Bouchaud
      Stock market crashes, precursors and replicas

 36   J.H.E. Cartwright, M. Feingold and O. Piro
      Global diffusion in a realistic three-dimensional time-
      dependent nonturbulent fluid flow

 37   E. Ben-Jacob, I. Cohen, O. Shochet, I. Aranson and H. Levine
      Complex bacterial patterns

 38   Mat-nyt nr. 856 d. 15.11.95

 39   Mat-nyt nr. 857 d. 22.11.95

 40   Mat-nyt nr. 860 d. 13.12.95

 41   Henrik Bruus, C.H. Lewenkopf and E.R. Mucciolo
      Parameter conductance correlation for irregularly shaped quantum dots

 42   M. Yampolsky
      Complex bounds for critical circle maps

 43   Anders Johansen
      A simple model of recurrent epidemics

 44   Andrew Odlyzko
      The decline of unfettered research

 45   Andreas Wirzba and Michael Henseler
      The missing link between the quantum mechanical and semi-classical
      determination of scattering resonance poles

 46   J. Graczyk and G. Swiatek
      Hyperbolicity in the real quadratic family

 47   Maxim Bazhenov and Vachtang Putkaradze
      Some applications of the topological degree theory to the
      blow-up of the reaction-diffusion equation

 48   K. Staliunas and C.O. Weiss
      Tilted and standing waves and vortex lattices in class-A lasers

 49   J. Graczyk and S. Smirnov
      Collet, Eckmann and Hoelder

 50   A. Herter
      Ball Gazing

 51   A.O. Lopes
      The zeta function, non-differentiability of pressure, and the
      critical exponent of transition

 52   K. Staliunas
      Transverse pattern formation in optical parametric oscillators

 53   K. Staliunas
      Dynamics of optical vortices in a laser beam

 54   P. Sibani, M.R. Schmidt and Preben Alstroem
      Fitness optimization and decay of extinction rate through biological evolution

 55   A. Baecker and H.R. Dullin
      Symbolic dynamics and periodic orbits for the cardioid billiard

 56   H.B. Stewart, Y. Ueda, C. Grebogi and J.A. Yorke
      Double crises in two-parameter dynamical systems

 57   F. Haake, M. Kus, H.J. Sommers, H. Schomerus and K. Zyczkowski
      Secular determinants of random unitary matrices

 58   M. Markosova 
      Non-conservative sandpile cellular automaton on the bethe lattice

 59   L. Salasnich and M. Robnik
      Quantum corrections to the semiclassical quantization of a nonintegrable system

 60   Thomas Schreiber and D.T. Kaplan
      Signal separation by nonlinear projections: the fetal ECG

 61   K. Staliunas and C.O. Weiss
      Nonstationary vortex lattices in large-aperture class B lasers

 62   E. Barreto and C. Grebogi
      Multiparameter control of chaos

 63   L. Poon and C. Grebogi
      Controlling complexity

 64   W. Chin, E. Ott, H.E. Nusse and C. Grebogi
      Universal behavior of impact oscillators near grazing incidence

 65   E. Barreto, E.J. Kostelich, C. Grebogi, E. Ott and J.A. Yorke
      Efficient switching between controlled unstable periodic orbits in higher
      dimensional chaotic systems

 66   J.P. Eckmann and C.A. Pillet
      Zeta functions with Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions for exterio domains

 67   F. Moss and X. Pei
      Neurons in parallel

 68   D.J. Christini and J.J. Collins
      Controlling nonchaotic neuronal noise using chaos control techniques

 69   D. Sornette, A. Johansen, A. Arneodo, J.F. Muzy and H. Saleur
      Complex fractal dimensions describe the hierarchical

 70   C.O. Weiss, H.R. Telle, K. Staliunas and M. Brambilla
      Restless optical vortex

 71   V.P. Gachok
      Business cycle dynamics III

 72   C. Grebogi
      Linear scaling laws in bifurcations of scalar maps

 73   J.J. Collins and C.J. De Luca
      Random walking during quiet standing

 74   Holger Kantz and Thomas Schreiber
      Dimension estimates and physiological data

 75   Thomas Schreiber and Holger Kantz
      Noise in chaotic data: diagnosis and treatment

 76   Christian T. Veje and Peter Dimon
      A two-dimensional granular flow experiment

 77   V.P. Gachok
      Business cycle dynamics VII

 78   V.P. Gachok
      Business cycle dynamics VI

 79   Bruce W. Roberts and M.E.J. Newman
      A model for evolution and extinction

 80   K. Hirai, E.J. Heller, P. Gaspard
      Spectroscopy and intramolecular dynamics via molecular vibrogram analysis

 81   Liming W. Salvino, R. Cawley, C. Grebogi and J.A. Yorke
      Predictability in time series

 82   E.J. Heller, M.F. Crommie, C.P. Lutz and D.M. Eigler
      Mesoscopic systems and quantum corrals

 83   Per Lyngs Hansen and Preben Alstroem
      Perturbation theory of parametrically driven capillary waves at low viscosity

 84   Ying-Cheng Lai and C. Grebogi
      Intermingled basins and two-state on-off intermittency

 85   K. Staliunas
      Laser Ginzburg-Landau equation and laser hydrodynamics

 86   C. Stuart Daw, C. Finney, M. Vasudevan, N. van Goor, K. Nguyen and D. Bruns
      Self-organization and chaos in a fluidized bed

 87   Thomas Schreiber and Daniel T. Kaplan
      Nonlinear noise reduction for electrocardiograms

 88   Thomas Schreiber
      Efficient neighbor searching in nonlinear time series analysis

 89   J.J. Collins, C.C. Chow and T.T. Imhoff
      Stochastic resonance without tuning

 90   J.J. Collins, C.C, Chow and T.T. Imhoff
      Aperiodic stochastic resonance in excitable systems
 91   Gilad Goren, Jean-Pierre Eckmann and Itamar Procaccia
      A scenario for the onset of space-time chaos

 92   I. Dana, N.W. Murray and I.C. Percival
      Resonances and diffusion in periodic Hamiltonian maps

 93   Jens Chr. Larsen
      Flat maximal immersions

 94   E. Prado
      Teichmuller distance for some polynomial-like maps

 95   I. Dana
      Type specification of chaos

 96   Jens Chr. Larsen
      Isotropic tangency

 97   Viviane Baladi
      Correlation spectrum of quenched and annealed equilibrium states 
      for random expanding maps

 98   I. Dana and T. Kalisky
      Symbolic dynamics for strong chaos on stochastic webs: General

 99   Q. Chen, I. Dana, J.D. Meiss, N.W. Murray and I.C. Percival
      Resonances and transport in the sawtooth map

100   Claude Ghidaglia, L. de Arcangelis, J. Hinch and E. Guazelli
      Hydrodynamic interactions in deep bed filtration

101   Joseph L. McCauley
      Nonintegrability, chaos and complexity

102   A. Pentek, Z. Toroczkai, T. Tel, C. Grebogi and J.A. Yorke
      Fractal boundaries in open hydrodynamical flows: Signatures of
      chaotic saddles

103   J. Lowenstein, S. Hatjispyros and F. Vivaldi
      Quasi-periodicity, global stability and scaling in a model of
      Hamiltonian round-off

104   I. Dana, E. Eisenberg and N. Shnerb
      Dynamical localization near quantum antiresonance: Exact results
      and a solvable case

105   Itzhack Dana
      Extended and localized states of generalized kicked Harper models

106   Itzhack Dana and Maty Amit
      General approach to diffusion of periodically kicked charges in a
      magnetic field

107   Itzhack Dana
      Hamiltonian transport on unstable periodic orbits

108   Itzhack Dana
      Organization of chaos in area-preserving maps

109   Itzhack Dana
      Kicked Harper models and kicked charge in a magnetic field

110   Mikhail Sodin and Peter Yuditskii
      Almost periodic Jacobi matrices with homogeneous spectrum

111   Mikhail Sodin and Peter Yuditskii
      Almost periodic Sturm-Liouville operators with cantor

112    Leif Mejlbro and Flemming Topsoee
       Vitali systems in RN with irregular sets

113    Mat-Nyt nr. 866 d. 14. feb. 1996

114    Mat-Nyt nr. 867 d, 21. feb. 1996

115    Mat-Nyt nr. 868 d. 28. feb. 1996

116    Mat-Nyt nr. 869 d.  6. mar. 1996

117    Mat-Nyt nr. 870 d. 13. mar. 1996

118    Mat-Nyt nr. 872 d. 27. mar. 1996

119    Mat-Nyt nr. 873 d. 10. apr. 1996

120    Mat-Nyt nr. 874 d. 17. apr. 1996

121    Mat-Nyt nr. 876 d.  1. maj  1996

122    Mat-Nyt nr. 878 d. 15. maj  1996

123    Mat-Nyt nr. 879 d. 22. maj  1996

124    Mat-Nyt nr. 880 d. 29. maj  1996
125    S. Luzzatto and M. Viana
       Positive Lyapunov exponents for Lorenz-like families with

126    M. Robnik and L. Salasnich
       WKB expansion for the angular momentum and the Kepler problems

127    Y. Alhassid and H. Attias
       Universal correlations of Coulomb blockade conductance peaks
       and the rotation scaling in quantum dots

128    A. Lopes, S. Lopes and R. Souza
       Spectral analysis of expanding one-dimensional chaotic

129    D. Ullmo, M. Grinberg, S. Tomsovic
       Near-integrable systems: resonances and semiclassical trace

130    Andreas Wirzba and Per Rosenqvist
       Three disks in a row: a two-dimensional scattering analog of
       the double-well problem

131    H. Alt, H.D. Graef, R. Hofferbert, C. Rangacharyulu,
       H. Rehfeld, A. Richter, P. Schardt and A. Wirzba
       Studies of chaotic dynamics in a three-dimensional
       superconducting microwave billiard

132    Y. Braiman, F. Family, H.G.E. Hentschel
       Nonlinear friction in the periodic stick-slip motion of coupled

133    A. Lopes and S. Lopes
       Parametric estimation and spectral analysis of chaotic time

134    Ya. Pesin and A. Tempelman
       Correlation dimension of measures invariant under group actions

135    Zhi-Min Gong and Fu-Yao Ren
       On computation for the multipliers of periodic orbits of
       polynomial maps

136    P. Zgliczynski
       Chaos in the Roessler equations

137    Yakov Pesin and H. Weiss
       The multifractal analysis of Gibbs measures: motivation,
       mathematical foundation and examples

138    B.A. Huberman, R.M. Lukose and T. Hogg
       An economics approach to hard computational problems

139    A. Lopes, S. Lopes and R.R. Souza
       On the spectral density of chaotic time series

140    Arul Lakshminarayan
       Accuracy of trace formulas

141    R. Carretero-Gonzalez, D.K. Arrowsmith and F. Vivaldi
       Mode-locking in coupled map lattices

142    I. Dana, E. Eisenberg and N. Shnerb
       Antiresonance and localization in quantum dynamics

143    V. L'vov and Itamar Procaccia
       The universal scaling exponents of anisotropy in turbulence and
       their measurement

144    Y. Braiman, F. Family and H.G.E. Hentschel
       Array-enhanced friction in the periodic stick-slip motion of
       nonlinear oscillators

145    Z. Olami, B. Galanti, O. Kupervasser and Itamar Procaccia
       Random noise and pole-dynamics in unstable front propagation

146    F. Sattin and L. Salasnich
       Chaotic features in classical scattering processes between ions
       and atoms

147    V. L'vov and Itamar Procaccia
       The viscous lengths in hydrodynamic turbulence are anomalous
       scaling functions

148    F.J. Solis and L. Tao
       Lacunarity of random fractals

149    B. Galanti, Itamar Procaccia and D. Segel
       Dynamics of Vortex lines in turbulent flows

150    E.S.C. Ching, V. L'vov and Itamar Procaccia
       Fusion rules and conditional statistics in turbulent advection

151    Spyros J. Hatjispyros
       Rational zeta functions for the chebyshev family of maps

152    Baowen Li and Marko Robnik
       Boundary integral method applied in chaotic quantum billiards

153    V. L'vov and Itamar Procaccia
       Towards a nonperturbative theory of hydrodynamic turbulence:
       Fusion rules, exact bridge relations and anomalous viscous
       scaling functions

154    E. Bogomolny, O. Bohigas and M.P. Pato
       On the distribution of eigenvalues of certain matrix ensembles

155    M. Robnik and L. Salasnich
       WKB to all orders and the accuracy of the semiclassical
 Debabrata Biswas
       Periodic orbits in a simple ray-splitting system

156    Stephen C. Creagh and Niall D. Whelan
       Complex periodic orbits and tunnelling in chaotic potentials

157    Maria Markosova, Mogens H. Jensen, Kent B. Lauritsen and Kim
       Onset of criticality and transport in a driven diffusive system

158    Debabrata Biswas
       Periodic orbits in a simple ray-splitting system

159    Akira Shudo, Kensuke S. Ikeda
       Complex classical trajectories and chaotic tunneling

160    H. Attias and Y. Alhassid
       Gaussian random-matrix process and universal parametric
       correlations in complex systems

161    Akira Shudo and Kensuke S. Ikeda
       Chaotic tunneling I: A remarkable manifestation of complex etc.

162    Celso Grebogi, Edward Ott and James A. Yorke
       Unstable periodic orbits and the dimensions of multifractal
       chaotic attractors

163    Niels K. Petersen and Preben Alstroem
       Phase transitions in an elementary probabilistic cellular automaton

164    Nuclear theory group from University of Milano
       Activity Report 1086-1996

165    James P. Wolfe
       Acoustic wavefronts in crystalline solids

166    Michael J. Davis
       Difficulties with the scars model of quantum localization

167    Y. Alhassid and C.H. Lewenkopf
       Statistical distributions of level widths and conductance peaks
       in irregularly shaped quantum dots

168    Tad Hogg and Bernardo A. Huberman
       Controlling smart matter

169    E.J. Heller
       Quantum proximity resonances

170    L. Kaplan and E.J. Heller
       Overcoming the wall in the semiclassical baker's map

171    Italo Guarneri and Giorgio Mantica
       On the asymptotic properties of quantum dynamics in the
       presence of a fractal spectrum

172    J.M. Barbaroux, J.M. Combes and R. Montcho
       Remarks on the relation between quantum dynamics and fractal

173    R. Artuso and R. Strepparava
       Recycling diffusion in sawtooth and cat maps

174    S. Nonnenmacher and A. Voros
       Eigenstate structures around a hyperbolic point

175    Italo Guarneri
       Singular continuous spectra and discrete wave packet dynamics

176    Roberto Artuso, Giulio Casati and Italo Guarneri
       A numerical study on ergodic properties of triangular billiards

177    S.T. Hansen, S. Hoerlueck, D. Zauner, P. Dimon, C. Ellegaard
       and S.C. Creagh
       Geometric orbits of surface waves from a circular hydraulic

178    Mogens H. Jensen and Poul Olesen
       Turbulent Binary Fluids: A shell model study

179    Fred Feudel and Norbert Seehafer
       On the bifurcation phenomena in truncations of the 2D Navier-
       Stokes equations

180    M. Assenheimer and V. Steinberg
       Critical phenomena in hydrodynamics

181    V.G. Romanovskii
       Groebner basis theory for monoidal rings and 16-th hilbert

182    Akira Shudo and Kensuke S. Ikeda
       Stokes phenomenon in chaotic systems: Pruning trees of complex
       paths with principle of etc.

183    Rafael Ortega
       Nonexistence of invariant curves of mappings with small twist

184    P. Rosenqvist, N.D. Whelan and A. Wirzba
       Small disks and semiclassical resonances

185    Yick Stella Chan and E.J. Heller
       STM surface state electron scattering: Two-tip results from
       one-trip data

186    N.T. Maitra and E.J. Heller
       Tunneling and the semiclassical propagator: a new perspective

187    N.T. Maitra and E.J. Heller
       A semiclassical perturbation approach to quantum above barrier

188    R. Cote, E.J. Heller and A. Dalgarno
       Quantum suppression of cold atom collisions

189    Kai T. Hansen and Achim Kohler
       Chaotic scattering through potentials with rainbow

190    Jesper Lemmich, Kell Mortensen, John Hjort Ipsen, Thomas
       Hoenger, Rogert Bauer and Ole G. Mouritsen 
       Pseudocritical behavior and unbinding of phospholipid bilayers

191    Thomas Hoenger, Kell Mortensen, John Hjort Ipsen, Jesper
       Lemmich, Rogert Bauer and Ole G. Mouritsen
       Anomalous swelling of multilamellar lipid bilayers in the
       transition region by renormalization of curvature elasticity

192    Karol Zyczkowski and W. Slomczynski
       Coherent states quantum entropy

193    G. Paladin and M. Serva
       Bethe-Peierls approximation for the 2D random ising model

194    Elsebeth Schroeder, Mogens T. Levinsen and Preben Alstroem
       Fractional Brownian motion of particles in capilliary waves

195    Victor L'vov and Itamar Procaccia
       Hydrodynamic turbulence: a 19th century problem with a
       challenge for the 21st century

196    Debabrata Biswas
       Periodic orbits and spectral statistics of pseudointegrable

197    J. Kwapien, W. Slomczynski and K. Zyczkowski
       Coherent states measurement entropy


1 Feb. 1996
Kai Hansen, khansen@nbi.dk