NBI Preprints shelved in the Chaos room (Eb1)

Chaos, Complex Systems: CATS received preprints 1997

There are also lists for 1989, 1990-1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1998

  1. Y. Kuramoto and H. Nakao: Origin of power-law spatial correlations in distributed oscillators...
  2. Y. Kuramoto and H. Nakao: Universal scaling properties in large assemblies of simple dynamical
  3. N. David Mermin: What s wrong with those talks?
  4. Y. Alhassid and H. Attias: Universal correlations of Coulomb-blockade conductance peaks and the rotation scaling in quantum dots
  5. Y. Alhassid and H. Attias: Universal parametric correlations of eigenfunctions in chaotic and disordered systems
  6. U. Smilansky: Quantum chaos and random matrix theory - some new results
  7. J. Desbois and S. Nechaev: Statistical mechanics of braided markov chains: I. Analytic methods and numerical simulations
  8. T.C. Wallstrom: The inequivalence between the Schroedinger equation and the Dadelung hydrodynamic equations
  9. F. Borgonovi, G. Casati and B. Li: Diffusion and localization in chaotic billiards
  10. Thomas Schreiber and A. Schmitz: Improved surrogate data for nonlinearity tests
  11. Thomas Schreiber, M. Richter and D.T. Kaplan: Fetal ECG extraction with nonlinear state space projections
  12. Thomas Schreiber and D.T. Kaplan: Signal separation by nonlinear projections: The fetal electrocardiogram
  13. Thomas Schreiber and A. Schmitz: Classification of time series data with nonlinear similarity measures
  14. Y. Alhassid, J.N. Hormuzdiar and N.D. Whelan: Conductance peak distributions in quantum dots and the crossover between orthogonal and unitary symmetries
  15. Y. Alhassid and C.H. Lewenkopf: Statistical distributions of level widths and conductance peaks in irregularly shaped quantum dots
  16. M. Martens and W. de Melo: Universal models for Lorenz maps
  17. A. Noullez, G. Wallace, W. Lempert, R.B. Miles and U. Frisch: Transverse velocity increments in turbulent flow using the RELIEF technique
  18. J. D'Anna and A. Zee: Correlations between eigenvalues of large random matrices with independent entries
  19. Stephanie Margret Reimann: Elektronische schaleneffekte in mesoskopischen systemen
  20. D. Vandembroucq and S. Roux: Conformal mapping on rough boundaries I: Applications to harmonic problems
  21. D. Vandembroucq and S. Roux: Conformal mapping on rough boundaries II: Applications to bi-harmonic problems
  22. D. Vandembroucq and S. Roux: Harmonic field distribution on self-affine surfaces
  23. D. Vandembroucq and S. Roux: Mode III stress intensity factor ahead of a rough crack
  24. D. Vandembroucq, A.C. Boccara and S. Roux: Breakdown patterns in branly's coheror
  25. Z. Kaufmann, H. Lustfeld, A. Nemeth and P. Szepfalusy: Diffusion in normal and critical transient chaos
  26. K.S. Ikeda: Self-organized dissipation in classically chaotic quantum systems with a small number of degrees of freedom
  27. P. Olesen: On inverse cascades in astrophysics
  28. A. Leviatan and N.D. Whelan: Partial dynamical symmetry and mixed dynamics
  29. Y. Alhassid and H. Attias: Universal correlations of Coulomb-blockade conductance peaks and the rotation scaling in quantum dots
  30. H. Lustfeld, J. Bene and Z. Kaufmann: The correlation functions near intermittency in a one-dimensional piecewise parabolic map
  31. R. Alvarez, Martin van Hecke and Wim van Saarloos: Sources and sinks separating domains of left- and right-traveling waves: experiment versus.......
  32. E. Aurell, U. Frisch, A. Noullez and M. Blank: Bifractality of the Devil's staircase appearing in the Burgers equation...............
  33. J.H. Kingston: A user's guide to the Lout document formatting system
  34. Martin J. Howard and Uwe C. Tauber: Universality in two classes of reaction-diffusion systems
  35. Z. Kaufmann, H. Lustfeld and J. Bene: Eigenvalue spectrum of the Frobenius-Perron operator near intermittency
  36. Per Elmfors, Benny Lautrup and Bo-Sture Skagerstam: Dynamics, correlations and phases of the micromaser
  37. Per Rosenqvist, N.D. Whelan and A. Wirzba: Small disks and semiclassical resonances
  38. Thomas Sams, Kim Sneppen, Mogens H. Jensen, B.E. Christensen and Ulf Thrane: Morphological instabilities in a growing yeast colony: experiment and theory
  39. G. Vattay, J. Cserti, G. Palla and G. Szalka: Diffraction in the semiclassical description of mesoscopic devices
  40. Stephen C. Creagh and Niall D. Whelan: Complex periodic orbits and tunnelling in chaotic potentials
  41. Niall D. Whelan: Symmetry decomposition of potentials with channels
  42. Per Dahlqvist: The role of singularities in chaotic spectroscopy
  43. G. Stolovitzky, T.J. Kaper and L. Sirovich: A simple model of chaotic advection and scattering
  44. K.R. Sreenivasan and G. Stolovitzky: Statistical dependence of inertial range properties on the large scale...............
  45. C. Kubstrup, H. Herrero and C. Perez-Garcia: Fronts between hexagons and squares in a generalized Swift-Hohenberg equation
  46. M. Martens and T. Nowicki: Invariant measures for typical quadratic maps
  47. Greg Huber, Elsebeth Schroder and Preben Alstrom: Self-diffusion and relative diffusion in defect turbulence
  48. Ola Tornkvist and Elsebeth Schroder: Vortex dynamics in dissipative systems
  49. A. Noullez, G. Wallace, W. Lempert, R.B. Miles and U. Frisch: Transverse velocity increments in turbulent flow using the RELIEF technique
  50. M. Nelkin and G. Stolovitzky: Limitations of random multipliers in describing turbulent energy dissipation
  51. M.O. Magnasco and D.S. Thaler: Changing the pace of evolution
  52. H.O. Rasmussen: On the structure of two-dimensional locally isotropic turbulence
  53. N. Sidrov and A. Vershik: Ergodic properties of erdos measure, the entropy of the Goldenshift.......................
  54. K.E. Rasmussen, W. Mazin, E. Mosekilde, G. Dewel and P. Borckmans: Wave-splitting in the bistable Gray-Scott model
  55. I. Dana, Y. Rutman and M. Feingold: Quantum-topological probe of classical phase-space structure
  56. Y.-C. Lai: Symmetry-breaking bifurcation with on-off intermittency in chaotic dynamical systems
  57. Y.-C. Lai, D. Lerner and R. Hayden: An upper bound for the proper delay time in chaotic time-series analysis
  58. Y.-C. Lai: Driving trajectories to a desirable attractor by using small control
  59. Y. Nagai, X-D. Hua and Y-C Lai: Controlling on-off intermittent dynamics
  60. T. Yalcinkaya and Y-C Lai: Blowout bifurcation route to strange nonchaotic attractors
  61. Y-C Lai and C. Grebogi: Noise-induced riddling in chaotic systems
  62. K.G. Szabo, Y-C Lai, T. Tel and C. Grebogi: Critical exponent for gap filling at crisis
  63. Y-C Lai, C. Grebogi, J.A. Yorke and S.C. Venkataramani: Riddling bifurcation in chaotic dynamical systems
  64. Y-C Lai: Distinct small-distance scaling behavior of on-off intermittency......
  65. Y-C Lai: Transition from strange nonchaotic to strange chaotic attractors
  66. M. Barfred, E. Mosekilde and N-H Holstein-Rathlou: Bifurcation analysis of nephron pressure and flow regulation
  67. S. Mizutori and S. Aaberg: Quantum mechanical diffusion in complex surrounding
  68. C.T. Veje and P. Dimon: Two-dimensional granular flow in a small-angle funnel
  69. Mat-Nyt nr. 881 12.6.96
  70. Mat-Nyt nr. 882 19.6.96
  71. Mat-Nyt nr. 883 16.8.96
  72. Mat-Nyt nr. 884 27.8.96
  73. Mat-Nyt nr. 885 04.9.96
  74. Mat-Nyt nr. 886 11.9.96
  75. Mat-Nyt nr. 887 18.9.96
  76. Mat-Nyt nr. 890 09.10.96
  77. Mat-Nyt nr. 893 06.11.96
  78. Mat-Nyt nr. 894 13.11.96
  79. Mat-Nyt nr. 895 20.11.96
  80. Mat-Nyt nr. 896 27.11.96
  81. Mat-Nyt nr. 897 04.12.96
  82. Mat-Nyt nr. 898 11.12.96
  83. Mat-Nyt nr. 899 08.1.97
  84. Mat-Nyt nr. 900 15.1.97
  85. Mat-Nyt nr. 901 22.1.97
  86. Mat-Nyt nr. 902 29.1.97
  87. J.K. John and R.E. Amritkar: Synchronization of unstable orbits using adaptive control
  88. S. Tasaki, T. Harayama, A. Shudo: Interior Dirichlet eigenvalue problem, exterior Neumann etc.
  89. L.A. Bunimovich: Continued fractions and geometrical optics
  90. Niels Kristian Petersen: Threshold variation in neural networks
  91. Hans Fogedby and John Hertz: Lectures on nonequilibrium statistical mechanics
  92. P. So, E. Ott, T. Sauer, B.J. Gluckman, C. Grebogi and S.J.Schiff: Extracting unstable periodic orbits from chaotic time series data
  93. O. Guenther, T. Hogg and B.A. Huberman: Power markets for controlling smart matter
  94. F. Benetto, G. Gentile and V. Mastropietro: Electric fields on a surface of constant negative curvature
  95. E. de Faria: Awymptotic rigidity of scaling ratios for critical circle maps
  96. D.A. Lidar, O. Biham and D. Avnir: Limited range fractality of randomly adsorbed rods
  97. B.A. Huberman and R.M. Lukose: Social dilemmas and internet congestions
  98. Didier Sornette and Anders Johansen: Crashes as critical points
  99. K. Kaneko: Remarks on the mean field dynamics of networks of chaotic elements
  100. A. Saito and K. Kaneko: The geometry of universal languages
  101. K. Kaneko and T. Yomo: Isologous diversification: A theory of cell differentiation
  102. K. Kaneko: Dominance of Milnor attractors and noise-induced selection in a multi-attractor system
  103. K. Kaneko: Coupled maps with growth and death: An apporach to cell differentiation
  104. B.A. Huberman, R.M. Lukose and T. Hogg: An economics approach to hard computational problems
  105. L.A. Bunimovich and J. Rehacek: How high-dimensional stadia look like
  106. L.A. Bunimovich and J. Rehacek: Nowhere dispersing 3D billiards with non-vanishing Lyapunov exponents
  107. R.E. Amritkar and P. Pradeep Kumar: Interpolation of missing data using nonlinear and chaotic system analysis
  108. N. Gupte and R.E. Amritkar: Enhancing chaos in chaotic maps and flows
  109. J.K. John and R.E. Amritkar: Coherent structures in coupled map lattices
  110. M. Roy and R.E. Amritkar: Observation of stochastic coherence in coupled map lattices
  111. P.M. Gade and R.E. Amritkar: Wavelength-doubling bifurcations in one-dimensional coupled logistic maps
  112. R.E. Amritkar and P.M. Gade: Wavelength doubling bifurcations in coupled map lattices
  113. N. Gupte and R.E. Amritkar: Synchronization of chaotic orbits: the influence of unstable periodic orbits
  114. D.A. Lidar and O. Biham: Simulating ising spin systems on a quantum computer
  115. J. Main, V.A. Mandelshtam and H.S. Taylor: High relolution quantum recurrence spectra: beyond the uncertainty principle
  116. L.S. Tsimring and I.S. Aranson: Localized and cellular patterns in a vibrated granular layer
  117. I. Furman and O. Biham: Effects of mobility of small islands on growth in molecular beam epitaxy
  118. T. Nishikawa and K. Kaneko: Fractalization of a torus as a strange nonchaotic attractor
  119. H. Svensmark, P. Dimon and J.D. Pietrzak: Correlations in sea-level elevations
  120. Mat-Nyt nr. 903 d. 5.feb.97
  121. Mat-Nyt nr. 904 d. 12.feb.97
  122. Mat-Nyt nr. 909 d. 19. mar. 97
  123. Mat-Nyt nr. 910 d. 2. apr. 97
  124. Y. Alhassid and C.H. Lewenkopf: Signatures of chaos in the statistical distribution of conductance peaks in quantum dots
  125. G. Gallavotti: Fluctuation patterns and conditional reversibility
  126. G. Gallavotti: Atomism, Boltzmann and nonequilibrium statistical mechanics
  127. G. Gallavotti: Methods in the theory of quasi periodic motions
  128. J. Main, V.A. Mandelshtam and H.S. Taylor: Peirodic orbit quantization by harmonic inversion
  129. C.T. Veje and P. Dimon: Power spectra of flow in an hourglass
  130. C. Bonatti, A. Pumarino and M. Viana: Lorenz attractors with arbitrary expanding dimension
  131. M.J. Pacifico, A. Rovella, M. Viana: Infinite-modal maps with global chaotic behavior
  132. J. Main and G. Wunner: Hydrogen atom in a magnetic field: Ghost orbits, catastrophes and uniform semiclassical approximations
  133. Jens Chr. Larsen: Metric singularities and converging geodesics
  134. L.A. Bunimovich: Many-dimensional lorentz cellular automata and turing machines
  135. L.A. Bunimovich: Continued fractions and geometrical optics
  136. L.A. Bunimovich and J. Rehacek: How high-dimensional stadia look like
  137. L.A. Bunimovich and J. Rehacek: Nowhere dispersing 3D billiards with non-vanishing lyapunov exponents
  138. S.M. Zoldi and H.S. Greenside: Spatially localized unstable periodic orbits
  139. M.Matsushita, J. Wakita et al: Interface growth and pattern formation in bacterial colonies
  140. P. So, E. Ott, S.J. Schiff et al: Detecting unstable periodic orbits in chaotic experimental data
  141. J. Wakita, H. Itoh, T. Matsuyama and M. Matsushita: Self-affinity for the growing interface of bacterial colonies
  142. G. Gallavotti: Breakdown and regeneration of time reversal symmetry in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics
  143. S. Horikawa, T. Isoda et al: Self-organized critical density waves of granular particles flowing through a pipe
  144. K. Kaneko and T. Yomo: Isologous diversification: A theory of cell differentiation
  145. T. Nishikawa and K. Kaneko: Fractalization of a torus as a strange nonchaotic attractor
  146. K. Kaneko: Dominance of Molnor attractors and noise-induced selection in a multi-attractor system
  147. A. Saito and K. Kaneko: The geometry of universal languages
  148. K. Kaneko: Coupled maps with growth and death: An approach to cell differentiation
  149. K. Kaneko: Remarks on the mean field dynamics of networks of chaotic elements
  150. Mat-Nyt nr. 905 d. 19. feb. 97
  151. Mat-Nyt nr. 906 d. 26. feb. 97
  152. Mat-Nyt nr. 907 d. 5. mar. 97
  153. Mat-Nyt nr. 911 d. 9. apr. 97
  154. Mat-Nyt nr. 912 d. 16. apr. 97
  155. Mat-Nyt nr. 913 d. 23. apr. 97
  156. Mat-Nyt nr. 914 d. 30 apr. 97
  157. Mat-Nyt nr. 915 d. 7. maj 97
  158. Mat-Nyt nr. 916 d. 14. maj 97
  159. Mat-Nyt nr. 917 d. 21. maj 97
  160. Elsebeth Schroeder: Diffusion and weak turbulence in capillary waves and in the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation
  161. Thomas Guhr, Axel Muleer-Groeling and H.A. Weidenmuller: Random matrix theories in quantum physics: common concepts
  162. R.M. Lukose and B.A. Huberman: A methodology for managing risk in electronic transactions over the internet
  163. B.A. Hubermann and R.M. Lukose: Social dilemmas and internet congestion
  164. J. Maunuksela et al.: Kinetic roughening in slow combustion of paper
  165. Annual Report 1996 from Istituto Nazionale di Ottica
  166. C.T. Veje and P.Dimon: Power spectra of flow in an hourglass
  167. Hans C. Fogedby: Solitons and diffusive modes in the noiseless burgers equation
  168. Jesper Lykke Jacobsen and Hans C. Fogedby: Monte Carlo study of correlations near the ground state of the triangular ........
  169. Hans C. Fogedby: Morphology and scaling in the noisy burgers equation soliton approach to the strong coupling fixed point
  170. M. Robnik and J. Liu: Sypersymmetric quantum mechanics based on higher excited statesII: a few new examples .....
  171. Mitchell J. Feigenbaum: Little ellipses, large circles and the low moon
  172. P. Froejdh, M. Howard and K.B. Lauritsen: Directed percolation with a wall or edge
  173. U.C. Tauber, M.J. Howard and H. Hirichsen: Multicritical behavior in coupled directed percolation processes
  174. Tomas Bohr, V. Putkaradze and S. Watanabe: Averaging theory for the structure of hydraulic jumps and separation in laminar free-surface flows
  175. R. Aurich, A. Backer and F. Steiner: Mode fluctuations as fingerprints of chaotic and non-chaotic systems
  176. K.B. Lauritsen, K. Sneppen, M. Markosova and M.H. Jensen: Directed percolation with an absorbing boundary
  177. A. Baecker and N. Chernov: Generating partitions for two-dimensional hyperbolic maps
  178. V. Putkaradze, T. Bohr and J. Krug: Global estimates and shocks for the noiseless conserved Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation
  179. A.E. Hansen, D. marteau, P. Tabeling: Two-dimensional turbulence and dispersion in a freely decaying system
  180. C.P. Dettmann and Predrag Cvitanovic: Cycle expansions for intermittent diffusion
  181. L.A. Nunes Amaral and K.B. Lauritsen: Universality classes for rice-pile models
  182. A. Hagberg and E. Meron: The dynamics of curved fronts: beyond geometry
  183. E. Caglioti et al.: A "Tetris-like" model for the compaction of dry granular media
  184. Doron Cohen: Unified model for the study of diffusion localization and dissipation
  185. Doron Cohen: Peiodic orbits, breaktime and localization
  186. D. Cohen, H. Primack and U. Smilansky: Quantal-classical duality and the semiclassical trace formula
  187. Henrik J. Pedersen and A.D. Jackson: Random quantum billiards
  188. G.P. Morriss, C.P. Dettmann and L. Rondoni: Recent results for the thermostatted Lorentz gas
  189. A.V. Babin and L.A. Bunimovich: Stable chaotic waves generated by hyperbolic PDE's
  190. A.Koponen, D.Kandhai et al.: Permeability of three-dimensional random fiber webs
  191. Stephen Creagh and Peter Dimon: Geometrical orbits in the power spectra of waves
  192. M. Robnik and T. Prosen: Comment on energy level statistics in the mixed regime
  193. P. Dimon, J.D. Pietrzak and H. Svensmark: Correlations in sea-level elevations
  194. M. Lyubich: Almost every real quadratic map is either regular or stochastic
  195. K.B. Lauritsen, R. Cuerno and H.A. Makse: Noisy Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation for an erosion model
  196. B.L. Blackford: The hydraulic jump in radially spreading flow: A new model and new experimental data
  197. S.H. Hansen, S. Hoerlueck et al.: Geometric orbits of surface waves from a circular hydraulic jump
  198. N.M. Bogoliubov, R.K. Bullough and J. Timonen: Critical behavior for correlated strongly coupled boson systems in 1+1 dimensions
  199. T. Harayama, A.Shudo, S. Tasaki: Resummation of the Gutzwiller-Voros zeta function for ...............
  200. M.Robnik, J. Dobnicar et al.: New universal aspects of diffusion in strongly chaotic systems
  201. Y. Chan and E.J. Heller: STM surface state electron scattering:...........
  202. K. Hirai, E.J. Heller: Topological angles near a periodic orbit
  203. S. Tasaki, T. Harayama, A. Shudo: Interior dirichlet eigenvalue problem, exterior Neumann scattering ............
  204. Doron Cohen: Quantum dissipation versus classical dissipation for generalized brownian motion
  205. C. Draeger and M. Fink: One-channel time reversal of leastic waves in a chaotic 2D-silicon cavity
  206. A. Baecker, R. Schubert and P. Stifter: On the number of bouncing ball modes in billiards
  207. L. Kaplan and E.J. Heller: Weak quantum ergodicity
  208. M. da Luz, A.S. Lupu-Sax and E.J. Heller: Quantum scattering from arbitrary boundaries
  209. Martin Howard and Uwe Tauber: 'Real' vs 'imaginary' noise in diffusion-limited reactions
  210. F. Christiansen, P. Cvitanovic and V. Putkaradze: Spatiotemporal chaos in terms of unstable recurrent patterns
  211. Mat-Nyt nr. 920 d. 11.6.97
  212. Mat-Nyt nr. 921 d. 6.8.97
  213. Mat-Nyt nr. 923 d. 20.8.97
  214. Mat-Nyt nr. 922 d. 27.8.97
  215. Mat-Nyt nr. 924 d. 3.9.97
  216. Mat-Nyt nr. 925 d. 10.9.97
  217. Mat-Nyt nr. 926 d. 17.9.97
  218. Mat-Nyt nr. 928 d. 1.10.97
  219. A. Pikovsky and J. Kurths: Physics and dynamics between chaos, order and noise
  220. Anders Johansen and Didier Sornette: Stock market crashes are outliers
  221. R.Kato, Y.Enomoto and M. Tokuyama: Brownian dynamics of hard-sphere colloidal suspensions


1 Feb. 1996
Kai Hansen, khansen@nbi.dk