CATS annual report instructions
CATS '97 annual report instructions
                                       Deadline: DECEMBER 12, 1997

To contributors to the Niels Bohr/NORDITA 1997 Activity Report,
Physics of complex systems section, and/or to the CATS'97 annual report:

The main purpose of this report is to help other people here and 
our visitors find out who does what - so collect related projects 
under one heading, write up collaborative efforts only once -  please 
do not split it up into small related projects, and be brief.

Even if you have left Copenhagen, please do send us references to your 
1997 publications that are based on work performed here.

The activity report projects are of this format: \project \description \participants The publication list entires are of this format: \authors \title \reference
You can start with the sample LaTeX format for the 1997 annual report which looks like this after LaTeXing. You might want to clip and paste stuff from the CATS '96 annual report. If you have some ps figures that illustrate your project or would pretty up our report, please send them to
e-mail your report to

21. Nov. 1997
Predrag Cvitanovic',