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CATS staff collaborates actively with various groups all over the world and the staff members frequently visit their collaborators abroad (for instance, P. Cvitanovic is Adjunct Professor at the Rockefeller University three months a year, and P. Alstrø m is a Research Assistant Professor at the Boston University). It is no less important for the Danish research environment that we can bring some of the world's leading experts, post-doctoral fellows and students to Denmark. CATS Center facilitates such exchanges by giving us flexibility in arranging visits with short lead time, as well as helping us send the top Danish students to international schools and research centers.

The CATS groups are very active in European collaborative efforts. We already have many EU funded visitors and expect to attract still more EU post-doctoral fellows and Ph.D. students in coming years. Participation in the ``European Network on Nonlinear Physics'', coordinated by G. Nicolis, Brussels, with P. Cvitanovc acting as the Danish representative, strengthens the European role of the CATS Center. Some examples of other current European collaborations: A EU project ``Biologically Motivated Computer Simulations" between Copenhagen, Liege, Jülich and Cologne is coordinated by P. Alstrø m. G. Paladin (Rome) and M.H. Jensen coordinate an EU funded exchange of students and post-doctoral fellows between the nonlinear groups at the Physics Department, Rome University, and the NBI/Nordita group. HCØ-KI participates in a Joint European TEMPUS Project ``Nonlinear dynamics in Chemistry and Biology" together with M. Marek (Prague), G. Nicolis (Brussels), S. Müller (Dortmund), and F. W. Schneider (Würzburg). DTU-FI participates in a European ERASMUS Project "Nonlinear Dynamics and Irreversible Thermodynamics" together with G. Nicolis (Brussels), T. Bountis (Patras), P. Coullet (Nice) and G. Perez Garcia (Pamplona).

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