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Refereed publications

C. Conrado and T.Bohr

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Spatio Temporal Chaos

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Experimental Observation of Berry's Phase of the Lorentz Group

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A. Johansen

Spatio-Temporal Self-Organization in a Model of Disease Spreading

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Transport Properties of the Lorentz Gas in Terms of Periodic Orbits

Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 4 (1994) 1021-1026

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Statistical Multifragmentation, Comparison of Two Quite Successful Models

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Heath Capacity of a Fermi System and Fragmentation of the Atomic Nucleus

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Cascade Simulations of a -isobar Propagating in a Nucleus.

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Can We Model Darwin

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Phys.Rev.E 49 (1994) 919

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Intermittency and Predictability in a Shell Model for Three-dimensional Turbulence

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Random Fractals, Phase Transitions, and Negative Dimension Spectra

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Response Classification in Psychological Testing Using a Neural Network

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Stabilization of Chaotic Phase Locked Dynamics in Long Josephson Junctions

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Stochastic Simulation of Vertebral Trabecular Bone Remodeling

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Localized Structures and Front Propagation in the Lengyel-Epstein Model

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Normal Form Analysis of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction Close to a Hopf Bifurcation

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L. Kramer, F. Hynne, P.G. Sørensen and D. Walgraef

The Ginzburg-Landau Approach to Oscillatory Media

Chaos 4 (1994) 443-452

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