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Conference proceedings, books etc.

P. Cvitanovic, P.E. Rosenqvist, B. Eckhardt, G. Russberg and P. Scherer

Pinball Scattering

in G. Casati and B. Chirikov, eds., Quantum Chaos, (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 1994)

P.L. Christiansen and E. Mosekilde (eds.)

Proc. Third IMACS International Conference on Computational Physics

IMACS, Rutgers University (1994) 268

D. Stassinopoulos, P. Bak and P. AlstrÝm

Self-organization of a Simple Model in the Brain

Proceedings of the INNS World Congress on Neural Networks '94 (1994) 6-28

D. Stassinopoulos, P. Bak and P. AlstrÝm

Self-Organization and Pavlov's Dog. A Simple Model of the Brain

Proceedings of the 2nd Apalachian Conference '94, edited by Pribram (1994)

G. Vattay, A. Wirzba and P. Rosenqvist

Inclusion of Diffration Effects in the Gutzwiller Trace Formula

Proceedings of the ICDC Tokyo (in press)

D.C. Meredith, M. Baranger, M. Haggerty, B. Lauritzen, D. Provost and M.A.M. de Aguiar

Periodic Orbits of Nonscaling Hamiltonian Systems from Quantum Mechanics.

Proc. 4th Drexell Conf. on Quantum Chaos

A. Hunding

Supercomputer Simulation of Turing Structures in Drosophila Morphogenesis

Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Biological Pattern Formation, (Eds: Othmer, H.G., Maini, P.K. and Murray, J.D.), Plenum Press (1994)

V.O. Pannbacker, O. Jensen, G. Dewel, P. Borckmans and E. Mosekilde

Localized Structures in the Chlorine Dioxide-Iodide-Malonic Acid System

Proc. NATO ARW on Spatio-Temporal Patterns in Nonequilibrium Complex Systems, Santa Fe Institute, April 13-17 1994, p. 469-478

J. Rasmussen and E. Mosekilde

Bifurcations in Two Coupled RŲssler Systems

Proc. 3rd IMACS Conf. on Computational Physics, Copenhagen, Aug. 1-4 1994, p. 203-208

K. Rasmussen, W. Mazin, G. Dewel and P. Borckmans

Pattern Formation in the Bistable Gray Scott Model

Proc. 3rd IMACS Conf. on Computational Physics, Copenhagen, Aug. 1-4 1994, p. 179-184

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