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Preprints and submitted papers

P. Rosenqvist, G. Vattay and A. Wirzba

Application of the Diffraction Trace Formula to the Three Disk Scattering System

Submitted to journal of statistical physics

C. Ellegaard, T. Guhr, K. Lindemann, H.Q. Lorensen, J. Nygård and M. Oxborrow

Spectral Statistics of Acoustic Resonances in Aluminum Blocks

Submitted to Phys. Rev. Letters (1994)

P. Alstrøm, J.S. Andersen, W.I. Goldburg, and M.T. Levinsen

Relative Diffusion in a Chaotic System: Capillary Waves in the Faraday Experiment

Submitted for publication

N.D. Whelan

Geometric and Diffractive Orbits in the Scattering from Confocal Hyperbolae


N.D. Whelan

Effective Group Structure in the Interacting Boson Model

To appear in Nuc. Phys. A

B. Lauritzen and N.D. Whelan

Weyl Expansion for Symmetric Potentials


Thomas Guhr

Gelfand-Tzetlin Coordinates for the Unitary Supergroup

Submitted 1994

J. Falk, K. Sneppen and M.H. Jensen

Self Organized Critical Dynamics of Fronts: Intermittency and Multiscaling

Chaos, Solitons and Fractals (1994)

K. Sneppen

Minimal SOC: Intermittency in Growth and Evolution

Proceedings to NATO ASI meeting in Cambridge, June 1994.

N. Kloster and C. Knudsen

Bifurcations Near 1:2 Subharmonic Resonance in a Structural Dynamics Model

Chaos, Solitons & Fractals (1994) (in press)

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