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We hear that ...

CONNECT and CATS have started collaborating by placing together some postdocs and/or students in areas of common interest, such as statistical physics and physics of complex systems.

The ``E.U. Network on nonlinear dynamics and statistical physics of spatially extended systems'' (coordinated by Prof. G. Nicolis, Bruxelles and with T. Bohr as CATS coordinator;, has been funded. For the Danish node this means approximately 180.000 ECU over 3 years.

The EU Network on ``Patterns, Noise and Chaos'' (coordinated by Prof. L. Kramer, Bayreuth and with P.G. Sørensen as CATS coordinator) has been funded with 276.000 ECU over 3 years.

P. Cvitanovic will be a visiting professor at E.N.S., Paris Dec. 1995 - Jan 1996, a visitor at IHES, Paris for 2 months, and adjunct professor at Rockefeller Univ., New York, for 2 months. The mice will play.

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