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The Center for Chaos and Turbulence Studies (CATS)

was established 1 October 1993 by the Danish Natural Science Research Council (SNF) as a ``center without walls''. The purpose of CATS is to advance research and research training in nonlinear science, and to strengthen the role that nonlinear research in Denmark plays internationally. The Center consists of groups from the Niels Bohr Institute/Nordita (NBI), Chemistry Institute, H.C. rsted Institute (HC-KI), and Department of Physics , The Technical University of Denmark (DTU-FI).

The Center brings together the groups which are actively conducting research and education in this field, and enables them to share resources more effectively, ensure broader participation in research projects and offer better training for students and research fellows.

SNF has funded the Center with 15 million kroner for a 5-year period. In addition, the Center receives several million kroner annually from private foundations, Danish universities, and the European Union Mobility program, mostly through salary grants for the non-tenured staff.

Predrag Cvitanovic
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