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3rd year Physics, NBIfAFG Course
Dynamical Systems and Chaos (spring, T. Bohr and M.H. Jensen)

Ph.D. Course, NBI
Theory of classical and quantum chaos (spring, P. Cvitanovic)

Ph.D. Course, NBI
Critical Phenomena and Phase Transition (spring, P. Alstrøm)

Ph.D. Course, (KI/HCØ and DTU)
Nonlinear dynamics and chaos in complex chemical and biological systems (P.G. Sørensen, F. Hynne, A. Hunding and E. Mosekilde)

4th year Chemistry, K4FB Course, (HCØ)
Thermodynamics and Nonlinear Dynamics in Biochemical Control Systems (spring,
A. Hunding and P.G. Sørensen)

Master's Course, HCØ
Chemical Dynamics of Complex Systems (spring, F. Hynne and P.G. Sørensen)
Master's, Ph.D. and Post-doc lecture series, NBI
Classical and Quantum Chaos (autumn, S.-J. Chang and P. Cvitanovic)}

Master's, Ph.D. and Post-doc lecture series
Classical and Quantum Chaos (autumn, D. Biswas and B. Georgeot)

Ph.D. Course, NBI
Non-linear and Chaotic Fields (autumn, P. Alstrøm, T. Bohr and M.H. Jensen)

2nd year Course, NBI
Experimental Projects (spring and autumn, C. Ellegaard and M. Levinsen)

2nd year Physics Course, DTU
Nonlinear Dynamical Systems (autumn, E. Mosekilde)

3rd year Physics Course, DTU
Dynamic simulation of complex systems (autumn, E. Mosekilde)

Master's Course, DTU
Nonlinear dynamics and chaos (spring, E. Mosekilde)

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