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The members of the CATS staff are involved in a variety of external activities, such as conferences, workshops, graduate education and courses, schools, contributions to television and radio programs, newspaper articles and colloquia to broader audiences. In 1995 members of the CATS staff have organized following schools, workshops and conferences:

Chaos and Microstructures
A Day at the Microelectronic Center truecm

February 3, 1995 at DTU
Speakers: P. Cvitanovic (CATS), D. Biswas (CATS), M. Müllenborn (MIC), A.-P. Jauho (MIC), P.E. Lindelof (HCØ), K. Richter (Augsburg), E. Mucciolo (NBI), H. Bruus (Grenoble), M. Oxborrow (CATS) and T. Guhr (Heidelberg). truecm

CATS-Microelectronics Institute workshop truecm

March 3, 1995, ``Quantum Chaos and Mesoscopic Systems''. truecm

Den Dansk-Amerikanske Fond at Novo Nordisk A/S truecm

March 3, 1995, ``Kaos-et nyt værktøj for erhvervslivet'', chairman P. Cvitanovic.
Speakers: M.J. Feigenbaum, D. Farmer, J.M.T. Thompson, H. Aref, M. Colding Jørgensen and E. Mosekilde.


3'rd joint meeting: CATS and NOVO Nordisk A/S
A Tool to Describe Complex Biological Systems truecm

Mar. 22, 1995, Hagedorn Research Institute
Speakers: M.H. Jensen, A. Hunding, H. Dalbøge, Novo Nordisk, N.-H. Holstein-Rathlou, KU and J. Hansen, DTU. truecm

Complex Dynamics in Chemistry and Biology truecm

June 21 - 24, 1995 International Science Park, Odense (A. Hunding, F. Hynne, L. Folke-Olsen and P.G. Sørensen)
Speakers: K. Showalter (West Virginia), F. Schneider (Würzburg), M. Bazhenov (Nizhny Novgorod), M. Marek (Prague), K. Nielsen (KU), E. Mosekilde (DTU), A. Mikhailov (Berlin), H. Degn (Odense University), I. Schreiber (Prague), G. Baier (Tübingen), R. Larter (Indianapolis), B. Lautrup (NBI), P. Erdi (Budapest), D.R. Thompson (Indianapolis), R. Worth (Indianapolis), H. Meinhardt (Tübingen), P. Borckmans (Bruxelles), S.K. Scott (Leeds), S.C. Müller (Dortmund), P. Maini (Oxford), G. Guria (Moscow) and T. Hoefer (Oxford)


Physics of Biological Systems: From Molecules to Species truecm

Conference and summerschool, Humlebæk, Aug. 1995
There were many speakers on specialised topics within the four main themes of the School: Protein dynamics; membrane and cell biophysics; sensory processing; and growth and evolution. truecm

Copenhagen Conference on Complex Dynamics in Spatially Extended Systems
jointly organized by CATS, DTU and RISØ. truecm

27 - 30 September, 1995, Niels Bohr Institute
Speakers: I.A. Aranson, Bar Ilan University; E. Bodenschatz, Cornell University; A. Buka, Hungarian Acad. of Sciences; S. Grossmann, Philips Universität; G.J.F. van Heijst, Eindhoven Univ. of Technology; P. de Kepper, Universite de Bordeaux; L. Kramer, Universität Bayreuth; E. A. Kuznetsov, Landau Institute, Moscow; Per Aage Madsen, Dansk Hydraulisk Institut; Yves Pomeau, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris; Antonello Provenzale, Istituto di Cosmogeofisica, Torino; P.S. Ramanujam, Risø National Laboratorium; K. Showalter, West Virginia University; G.I. Sivashinsky, Tel Aviv University; Patrick Tabeling, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris; Bjarne Tromborg, Tele Danmark Research; S.K. Turitsyn, Heinrich-Heine-Universität; V. E. Zacharov, University of Arizona; F.T. Arecchi, Instituto Nazionale di Ottica, Firenze and several others.

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