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Refereed publications

P. Cvitanovic, J.-P. Eckmann and P. Gaspard

Transport Properties of the Lorentz Gas in Terms of Periodic Orbits

Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 6 (1995) 113-120

P. Cvitanovic

Dynamical Averaging in Terms of Periodic Orbits,

Physica D83 (1995) 109-123

T. Bohr, G. Grinstein and C. Jayaprakash

Singular Lyapunov Spectra and Conservation Laws

Chaos 5 (1995) 412-415

C.V. Conrado and T. Bohr

Growth Shapes and Turbulent Spots in Unstable Systems

Phys. Rev. E 51 (1995) 4485-4502

A.V. Gomez, P. Alstrøm and S. Toxværd

Clump Phase in a Two-Dimensional Soliton-Like Potential

Phys. Rev. B51 (1995) 2822-2829

B. Christiansen, P. Alstrøm and M.T. Levinsen

Dissipation and Ordering in Capillary Waves at High Aspect Ratios

J. Fluid Mech. 291 (1995) 323-341

P. Alstrøm and D. Stassinopoulos

Versatility and Adaptive Performance

Phys. Rev. E51 (1995) 5027-5032

P. Alstrøm, J. Sparre Andersen, W.I. Goldburg and M.T. Levinsen

Relative Diffusion in a Chaotic System: Capillary Waves in the Faraday Experiment

Chaos, Solitons, and Fractals 5 (1995) 1455-1464

A.V. Gomez and P. Alstrøm

Adaptive Performance and the Mechanisms of Behavior: Pavlov's Dog, the Skinner Box, and the Balancing Act

Chaos, Solitons, and Fractals 5 (1995) 1439-1446

S.Phatak, S.Pal and D.Biswas

Semiclassical Features in the Quantum Description of a Dirac Particle in a Cavity

Phys.Rev. E, 52 (1995) 1333

M. Baranger, M. Haggarty, B. Lauritzen, D. Meredith and D. Provost

Periodic Orbits of Non-scaling Hamiltonian Systems from Quantum Mechanics,

Chaos 5 (1995) 261-270

C. Ellegaard, T. Guhr, K. Lindemann, H.Q. Lorensen, J. Nygård and M. Oxborrow

Spectral Statistics of Acoustic Resonances in Aluminum Blocks

Phys. Rev. Lett. 75 (1995) 1546-1549

M.E.J. Newman, C.L. Henley, and M. Oxborrow

Construction of Periodic Approximants for the Canonical-Cell Model

Philosophical Magazine B 71 (1995) 991-1013

G. Tanner and D. Wintgen

Classical and Semiclassical Zeta Functions in Terms of Transition Probabilities

Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 5 (1995) 1325-1336

G. Tanner and D. Wintgen

Semiclassical Quantisation of Intermittency in Helium

Phys. Rev. Lett. 75 (1995) 2928-2931

N.D. Whelan

Geometric and Diffractive Orbits in the Scattering from Confocal Hyperbolae

Phys. Rev. E51 (1995) 3778-3781

N.D. Whelan

Effective Group Structure in the Interacting Boson Model

Nucl. Phys. A586 (1995) 35-52

G. Huber, M.H. Jensen and K. Sneppen

Distributions of Self Interactions and Voids in 1+1d Directed Percolation,

Phys. Rev. E52 (1995) 2133-2136

K. Sneppen, P. Bak, H. Flyvbjerg and M.H. Jensen

Evolution as a Self-Organized Critical Phenomenon

Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. 92 (1995) 5209-5213

J. Falk, K. Sneppen and M.H. Jensen

Self-organized Critical Dynamics of Fronts: Intermittency and Multiscaling

Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 5 (1995) 1847-1854

D. Sornette, A. Johansen and I. Dornic.

Mapping Self-Organized Criticality onto Criticality.

J. Phys. I. France 5 (1995) 325-35

A. Nagy, P.G. Sørensen and F. Hynne

Quenchings of Oscillations in the Permanganate-hydroxylamine Reaction

Z.Phys.Chem. 189 (1995) 131-138

J. Wang, P.G. Sørensen and F. Hynne

Transient Complex Oscillations in the Closed Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction. Experimental and Computational Studies

Z.Phys.Chem. 192 (1995) 63-76

A. Hunding and R. Engelhardt

Early Biological Morphogenesis and Nonlinear Dynamics

J. theoret. Biol. 173 (1995) 401-413

L.-U. W. Hansen, M. Christensen and E. Mosekilde

Deterministic Analysis of the Probability Machine

Phys. Script. 51 (1995) 35-45

C. Reick and E. Mosekilde

Emergence of Quasiperiodicity in Symmetrically Coupled, Identical Period-doubling Systems

Phys. Rev. E52 (1995) 1418-1435

H. Herzel and C. Knudsen

Bifurcation in a Vocal Fold Model

Nonlinear Dynamics 7 (1995) 53-64

N. Kloster and C. Knudsen

Bifurcations near 1/2 Subharmonics Resonance in a Structural Dynamics Model

Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 5 (1995) 55-66

O.E. Rössler, C. Knudsen, J.L. Hudson and I. Tsuda

Nowhere-differentiable Attractors

International Journal of Intelligent Systems

J. Sturis, C. Knudsen, N.M. O'Meara, J.S. Thomsen, E. Mosekilde, E. Van Cauter and K.S. Polonsky

Phase-looking Regions in a Forced Model of Slow Insulin and Glucose Oscillations

Chaos 5 (1995) 193-199

M. Togeby and E. Mosekilde

Mode-locking and Chaos in a Model of Two Thermostatically Controlled Radiators

Open Systems and Information Dynamics (1995)

M. Liberoth, M. Barfred and E. Mosekilde

Chaos and Hyperchaos in a Model of an Aquatic Ecosystem

Open Systems and Information Dynamics (1995)

C. Kampmann, C. Haxholdt, E. Mosekilde and J.D. Sterman

Entrainment in a Disaggregated Economic Long Wave Model

The System Dynamics Review 11 (1995) 177-198

O. Lund, J. Hansen, A.M. Sørensen, E. Mosekilde, J.O. Nielsen and J.-E. Stig Hansen

Increased Adhesion as a Mechanism of Antibody-Dependant Enhancement of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection

Journal of Virology 69 (1995) 2393-2400

O. Jensen, V.O. Pannbacker, E. Mosekilde, G. Dewel and P. Borckmans

Turbulence in Chemical Reaction-diffusion Systems

Open Systems and Information Dynamics (1995)

J. Hansen, O. Lund, J. Engelbrecht, H. Bohr and S. Brunak

Prediction of O-glycosylation Sites on Mammalian Glycoproteins by Neural Networks and Matrix Statistics

Biochem J. (1995) 801-813

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