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Preprints and submitted papers


Pseudointegrable Billiards - Periodic Orbits and Spectral Statistics



Quantizing Polygonal Billiards with the Classical Spectrum



Topological Chaos in a Non-ergodic System


G. Tanner and D. Wintgen

Towards a Semiclassical Quantum Defect Theory for Helium

submitted to Phys.Rev.Let.

A.H. Nielsen, X. He, J. Juul Rasmussen and T. Bohr

Vortex Merging and Spectral Cascade in Two-dimensional Flows


T. Bohr, G. Huber and E. Ott

The Structure of Spiral Domain Patterns

to appear in Europhys. Lett.

T. Guhr

Transitions toward Quantum Chaos: with Supersymmetry from Poisson to Gauss

submitted to Annals of Physics (New York)

J. Wang, F. Hynne and P.G. Sørensen

Period-Doubling Geometry of the Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction Dynamics

To appear in Bifurcation and Chaos May 1996.

K. Nielsen, P.G. Sørensen and F. Hynne

Chaos in Glycolysis

submitted to Journal of Theoretical Biology.

M. Oxborrow and C. Ellegaard

Quantum Chaology in Quartz


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