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Ph.D. fellowships

R. Engelhardt (adviser A. Hunding, CATS - Chemistry Institute, Copenhagen University) has been awarded the CATS 3 year PhD fellowship, starting 1. September 1995.

A. Johansen (advisers C. Ellegaard, CATS, and D. Sornette, Nice), EU Ph.D. student in Nice until 30 December 1995, has been awarded 1 year SARC Fund Ph.D. fellowship starting 1 jan. 1996 to perform an acoustics experiment on formation of microcracks in stressed materials.

SNF has granted CATS application for a 3-year SNF Ph.D. fellowship for C.T. Veje (adviser P. Dimon, CATS), starting 1 January 1996.

CATS is funding 1/2 of a 3-year Ph.D. fellowship for K. Haste Andersen (adviser T. Bohr, CATS), in collaboration with Jørgen Fredsø (professor, ISVA, DTU) who covers the other 1/2 of the fellowship.

A number of top notch masters students, too numerous to list here, are starting to sharpen their knives in the basement at NBI.

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