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Postdoctoral fellows and technical support

There were about 200 postdoctoral applications to the postdoc positions in 1995.

C. Ghidaglia (ESPCI, Paris) started Dec. 94 on a one-year EU Fellowship and subsequently on a one-year grant from Forskerakademiet. Experimental research.

S. Watanabe (MIT/Cornell) has started 1. Sept. a 2-year CATS postdoctoral position. Specialty patterns.

B. Georgeot (Maryland) has started 1. Sept. as a CATS visitor, and from 1 Feb. 1996 his 2-year EU Mobility fellowship at CATS. Speciality: Quantum chaos.

H. Nishimori (Ibaraki University, Japan - Nishina Foundation fellow) has started 1 year visit to CATS 13. Oct. 1995. Formation of sand dunes and sand ripples, using CML and CA.

K.T. Hansen (Oslo) starts 1 Jan. 1996 as Nordita stipendiat for 2 years. Dynamical systems, quantum chaos.

K. Bækgård Lauritsen (SNF stipendiat, Boston University) moves to CATS 1 Feb. 1996. Renormalization group for Kuramoto-Sivashinsky qeuation.

Stephanie Reimann, 1 Nov. 1995 - 30 June 1996, is a postoctoral fellow supported jointly by NBIfAFG, III-V NANOLAB, Cluster Physics group and CATS (1/4 each). Mesoscopic physics and quantum chaos.

G. Tanner (currently DGF fellow) will be CATS/EU visitor June-Aug. 1996.

CATS will contribute to the salary of H. Dalby Rasmussen, for technical support to CATS/NBI experiments.

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