Sample report LaTeX form
Sample report LaTeX form

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        \headsep .5cm \textheight 23cm \textwidth 14.9cm \parindent 0pt
        \def\project{\vskip 0.3truecm\par\noindent\bf}
        \def\description{\vskip 0.01truecm\par\noindent\rm}
        \def\participants{\vskip -0.1truecm $\ \quad\quad$ \em}
        \def\authors{\vskip 0.03truecm\rm\hfill\smallbreak}
        \def\reference{\hfill\break \rm}
        \def\title{:\hfill \break\rm}
\begin{document} 			\begin{center}{\large\bf

Contribution to CATS '97 annual report: 
					\vskip 0.3truecm
The deadline is 12 December 1997
					\vskip 0.3truecm

First Project Title with Capitals in the Standard Way (as here)
The description of the first project (typically 5-15 lines)
 P.E. Rosenqvist and (A. Wirzba) (outside collaborators in paranthesis)

% then the next project:
Common Cold Cures Nets Neurosis
We solve the problem of the self-aggrandizing triviality exactly in
the AIDS epidemic approximation. The supersymmetric 126-dimensional
Ising model version of the brain exibits turbulent emotional
instabilities with a universal Lyapunov exponent $\pi^2 / 6$
and is shown to be equivalent to a log-log plot to the machine precision.
      I. Procaccia, (B.B. Mandelbrot and I. Prigogine)

\vskip 0.8truecm     \% The publications PRINTED in 1997:

T. Bohr, I. Procaccia, and M.H. Jensen
More on the Fractal Theory of Nature
Nucl. Phys. B382 (1997) 223-230
Authors of Second Publication 
Title with Capitals in the Standard Way (as here)
\% etc.

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21 Oct. 1997
Predrag Cvitanovic',