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Habilitation theses

Quantum Mechanics and Semiclassics of Hyperbolic n-Disk Scattering Systems, Habilitationsschrift, Andreas Wirzba

Ph.D. theses

Kai T. Hansen:
Symbolic dynamics in chaotic systems (1993)
Kent Bækgaard Lauritsen:
Scaling and Dynamics of Laplacian Growth, Random Lattices, Ising Models & Interfaces (1994)
Donal MacKernan:
Generalized Markov coarse graining and the observables of chaos (1997)
Per Rosenqvist:
Periodic orbit theory beyond semiclassics: convergence, diffraction and h-bar corrections (1995).
Vachtang Putkaradze:
Local Structures in Extended Systems (1997).
Elsebeth Schröder:
Diffusion and Weak Turbulence in Capillary Waves and in the Complex Ginzburg-Landau Equation (1997).
Anders Johansen:
Discrete scale invariance and other cooperative phenomena in spatially extended systems with threshold dynamics (1997)

M.Sc. theses

Henriette Jensenius:
Measurements of Colloidal Interactions and the Spring Properties of Polymer Coils (1997)
Jacob Sparre Andersen:
Measurements of relative diffusion in turbulence (1997)
Preben Bertelsen:
Quantum Chaos and Vibrations of Elastic Plates (1997)
Kristian Schaadt:
The Quantum Chaology of Acoustic Resonators (1997)
Sune Fallgaard Nielsen:
Stability ordered cycle expansion in quantum chaos (1997)
Niels Søndergaard: Periodic Orbit Theory Applied to Acoustics (1996).
Robin Engelhardt: Modelling Pattern Formation in Reaction-Diffusion Systems (1994).
Mads Kærn: From Elementary Chemical Reactions to Self-regulation of Biological Systems (1997).
Fridolin Okkels: The Intermittent Dynamics in Turbulent Shell Models (1997).
Jonas Lundbek Hansen: Large Scale Structures and Particle motion in chaotic dynamical systems (1997).
Henrik J. Pedersen: Random Quantum Billiards [.5MB gzipped file] (1997).
Christian T. Veje: A Two-Dimensional Granular Flow Experiment (1995).

B.Sc. projects

Kim Hansen:
Sum rules (in danish), (superceded 10 May 95)

Small projects

Sune Hørlück:
A small investigation into the Soft Bunimovich Stadium. (May 1997)

Other available publications

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