Welcome to the Computation group at NBI, Blegdamsvej 17

Here is some mixed information on Computing at NBI's Blegdamsvej location.
List of the members of the Computation group at NBI, with links to their personal WWW pages (when existing).
Computer safety rules
Rules for using the computing facilities at NBI. You may find the document old, but the rules are quite general and obvious and therefore everlasting.
On computer accounts
You probably need an account on our UNIX system. Here is how you get it.
UNIX filesystem
On the UNIX filesystem as used at NBI.
Email hints
A description of the email system at NBI and some hints for effective use of it.
Laptops etc.
How to connect laptops and other not stationary computers.
Wireless networking
Using the wireless network.
Software information
Comprehensive information on the software installed on the NBI Linux and Digital UNIX machines.

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