NBI Unix accounts

In order to use the NBI UNIX and email system you need an account. This can be created for you by Björn S. Nilsson. Since there often are other computing issues to discuss, accounts will normally only be created at a personal meeting and not via email. Please, make an appointment either on phone 25283 or by email to oper. To save time, try to find a good proposal for userid and password before we meet.

The userid should be 5 to 8 characters long and must contain only letters in the range a-z and digits. The first character must be a letter. Your userid should be based on your name. If possible, the family name or, when applicable, a middle name should be used. If you have a common family name, another choice could be the first character in the first name concatenated with the last name. First names, initials or funny aliases are normally unacceptable.

The password should be easy for you to remember so you do not have to write it down. It should be difficult for others to guess. Make it at least 8 characters long. It should consist of characters from at least 3 of the categories lowercase, capitals, digits or special characters. It should not contain your userid or name in any permutation. Dictionary words, possibly truncated or with a single pre- or appended character are also bad. To construct a seemingly random password you could pick a sentence and then make a password from the first character in each word.

When the password is entered the first time, only some basic checks will be done to it. However, we are continuosly running a password cracker. If that can determine your password you will receive an email with a request to change it and some further instructions.

If you leave the institute for good, please do not forget to contact me about your account. Normally we use a liberal policy so that you can keep the account for 3 - 6 months after departure. If you continue to cooperate with people here, or if you return regularly, the account can remain. However, there could be questions like mail forwarding, cleaning file areas, etc. to discuss. In any case I appreciate to be told when an account can be given up.
Last modified: Sat Mar 29 16:27:37 MET 2008
Björn S. Nilsson