Computer Safety at NBIfAFG

From  Wed Jan 11 22:27:14 1995
Subject: Computer Safety at NBIfAFG 

   Niels Bohr Institute for Astronomy, Physics and Geophysics
   University of Copenhagen
December 1994

  Computer Safety at NBIfAFG 

The Steering Board has adopted the following safety rules for all
computers, workstations and PC's that are connected to an external network:

Passwords are personal and may not be shared with anybody else. Passwords
must be changed either every six months or every twelve months, dependent
on the local system manager's decision. Reuse of old passwords is not

Group accounts are consequently not normally acceptable; in special cases
such accounts may be allowed at the discretion of the local system manager.

Remote login (.rhosts files) and X-windows (xhost command) must be used in
a responsible way. The system managers will set up and maintain suitable
local policies; compliance with these policies is a user responsibility.

Accounts for a guest must be disabled after the guest has left. A grace
period of one month after the departure will be allowed. The account period
may be extended, if a member of the permanent staff can argue that this is

It is not allowed to attempt unauthorized access to system files or system
catalogues, nor to attempt unauthorized log-on to any machine (within our
outside NBIfAFG).

The safety on the UNIX machines of NBIfAFG is monitored by UNI$$C.
The safety responsible at UNI$$C has the privilege to search any
user's catalogues and files including electronic mail, if there is suspicion
of safety problems on a system. (The systems manager of course has the same

If points 1, 3 or 5 are violated by a user, the user will receive a written
warning from the systems manager as well as from the Director of NBIfAFG.
Second time violators will loose their account or the access to the

Ole Hansen

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