Wireless networking

The Niels Bohr Institute's Blegdamsvej site has almost complete wireless coverage. The exception is the Auditorium area where the wireless access point normally is switched off and the signal at the best very weak. This is intentional. We believe a lecturer should talk to attentive listeners, not to people buried in their laptops.

The following access points are available:
MB corridor802.11gNBI MB wlan
QB stairs802.11gNBI QB wlan
TB stairs802.11gNBI TB wlan
Small lunchroom802.11bNBI FA wlan
FC corridor802.11gNBI FC wlan
KB corridor802.11gNBI KB wlan
EC computer room802.11nNBI EC wlanYes
KE corridor802.11gNBI KE wlan
AA office802.11nNBI AA wlanYes
CA corridor802.11nNBI CA wlanYes
CC computer room802.11gNBI CC wlan
BA corridor802.11gNBI BA wlan
BB corridor802.11nNBI BB wlanYes
UA meeting room802.11nNBI UA wlanYes

The SSID (Server Set IDentifier, or simply network identification) is broadcasted, so you can find the access point with the best signal by scanning for available wireless networks. Almost all access points use WPA2 protocol with TKIP or AES encryption. Therefore you have to enter a password before you can connect. This password can be obtained from the secretaries or from Björn S. Nilsson. The access points use the 802.11g or 802.11n protocols.

Several access points can be connected to via the eduroam system. A prerequisite is a Kerberos password. If you don't have a Kerberos principal, you can create one at http://www.nbi.ku.dk/password in a browser on a machine connected to the NBI network.
If you use Windows you must install the SecureW2 client.
General setup parameters for the wireless eduroam at NBI are

  username =  login@nbi.ku.dk
  anonymous identity =  anonymous@nbi.ku.dk
  password  = Your Kerberos password
  eap = TTLS
  auth = PAP

Please note: Even if the wireless communication is encrypted it is a good idea to use "safe" protocols like ssh, https etc. when possible.

A restriction: There is a very limited number of channels available for wireless communication, and we use the whole range at NBI. Therefore it is not permitted to mount private access points or to use 802.11b/g/n communication between private devices. This would disturb the public wireless communication to a degree that could make it unusable.
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Björn S. Nilsson