On your arrival at the Institute, please go to the Guest Secretariate. 

Clich here to see Map of Niels Bohr Institute


Short term visitors (less than 3 months):
Contact Hanne Christensen (room Kd 10, ext. 25260).

Long term visitors:
Contact Ulla Holm (room Kd 3, ext. 25272).


Contact Hanne Christensen (room Kd 10, ext. 25260).

Institute keycard

Contact the reception for an Institute keycard and an Institute identity card
(only after registration in the Guest secretariate).


K-building: contact Ulla Holm
F-building: contact Hanne Vedel (room Fb 6, ext. 25284) or 
                                Marianne Andersen (room Fb 6, ext. 25215)

Computer account

Please contact Björn Nilsson; email:, room: Mb-3, phone: 25283, NBI computation group


Photo for the NBI homepage, contact Jette Frigalt (room Ka6, ext. 25464).

NBI Start

Last modified: 29. October 2002
Hanne N. Christensen