Some comments on the Housing Situation in Copenhagen


Furnished houses and apartments to be let are almost only available from people who for a period of a couple of months up to one or two years leave the country and then rent their home with what it more or less normally contains.


For furnished rooms and apartments the following price ranges are typical:

Furnished rooms for a single person (with access to kitchen and bathroom) costs approx.  DKK 2,300.- to 3.000.- including heating and electricity.

The smallest furnished apartments (1-2 rooms + kitchen and bath) are most difficult to get. The lessor usually insists on renting such an apartment  to a single or a couple without children.The prices range from DKK 4,000.- to 6,000.- per month plus consumptions.

Furnished apartments consisting of 2-3 rooms + kitchen and bath are difficult to get, too. They range in price from DKK 5,000.- to 7,000.- per   month plus consumptions.

Larger furnished apartments (4-6 rooms + kitchen and bath) cost about DKK 8,000.- to 10,000.- or more per month plus consumptions.

Small houses (living room, master bedroom, 2-3 smaller rooms, kitchen and bath) cost about DKK 8,000.- to 10,000.- per month while larger houses (living room, dining room, master bedroom, 2-4 smaller rooms, bathroom, guest toilet, kitchen) rarely are found below DKK 10,000.- to 15,000.- or even more per month. Most furnished houses lie in the suburbs of Copenhagen, where you must count on spending 20-40 min. by public transportation to the Institute

- The consumptions are usually: heating, gas, electricity, telephone and TV license fee (if a TV set is included in the furnishing).

- The lessor always asks a deposit, usually two months´ rent.

If you write to ask Hanne Christensen ( ) for assistance in finding a place to live, please, remember to give as much relevant information as possible. The housing services is offered ONLY to NBIfAFG visitors.

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