A: Ekspeditionen, Director’s Office (NBIfAFG), Telefax, Niels Bohr Archive
B: Nordita Administration
C: Auditorium (A, B, C, D), Library
E:  Chaos Group, Students’ Room
F: Theor.  High Energy Group, Cashier’s Office (10:00-14:00), Lunch Room, Lounge
G: Bicycle Shed  (also  at building 19 and 21)
H: Niels  Bohr Archive, Students’ Room
K: Dept. Director’s Office and Administration,  Chaos Group,  Bio Physics.  Theor. Nuclear Physics Group, Guest Secretariat, Meeting Room Kc7
M: Electronics Workshop, Auditorium M, Meeting Room Ma 14,
Exp. High Energy and Exp. Nuclear Physics Group
P: Experiments
Q: Electronics Workshop
T: Exp. Nuclear Physics
U: Auditorium U
Z: Experiments


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