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If your stay here exceeds 3 months, you will need a residence/work permit - also if you are a resident of an EU country. The permit can be obtained from the Danish Embassy in your country and must be applied for at least 2-3 months in advance. EU residents only can obtain a residence permit after arrival in Copenhagen (in 2-3 weeks). If you are married, you must remember to bring your marriage certificate. EU residents only can obtain a residence permit after arrival in Copenhagen (in 2-3 weeks). For a residence permit, or an extension of it, you will need a letter from the Institute Department, your passport and 2 photos which must be presented personally to the authorities.

Residing in Denmark for more than 3 months gives you the right to receive free treatment by general practitioners. Furthermore, medicine, dental care and physiotherapy are partly reimbursed. Your Health Insurance is not paid separately but is part of the general tax payments.

If you come from a country outside of Scandinavia or the EU, you are not covered during the first 6 weeks after your arrival and then ONLY if your stay exceeds 3 months, if you have registered with the Civil Registration Office (the Folkeregister) and if you have a residence permit. It would therefore be wise to arrange for a health insurance from home that will cover medical bills during the first 6-8 weeks of your stay. If you come from an EU country where you are covered by your own national social security, you are advised to bring an EU-form 104. Please note that an EU resident who has been abroad for a longer period may not be able to obtain such a form; in such cases you will not be covered by the Danish social security until 6 weeks after the registration at the Civil Registration Office. Scandinavians must bring an Internordisk Flyttebevis (for stays of more than 3 months).

If you need an automobile insurance in Denmark, it will be an advantage to bring a certificate from your insurance company stating the number of years you have driven claim-free. An insurance in Denmark for foreign registered cars is expensive. It is strongly advised to make further inquiries if you plan to bring a car to Denmark.

If you write to ask Hanne Christensen ( for assistance in finding a place to live, please, remember to give as much relevant information as possible. You must always refer to your host department.

(see the Housing page for further information)

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