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From: Bjorn S. Nilsson (
Date: Sun May 27 2001 - 00:05:44 MET DST

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The following programs have been installed:

Sat May 26, 2001:
  libwmf 0.1.21 on Digital UNIX╣
  texi2html 1.64 on Digital UNIX╣

Fri May 25, 2001:
  C 6.4-014 on Digital UNIX╣
  texinfo 4.0 on Digital UNIX╣

1) Installed by Bj÷rn S. Nilsson

C: The COMPAQ C compiler

libwmf: libwmf, a library for handling Windows Meta Files

texi2html: a Texinfo to HTML converter

texinfo: program documentation system
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