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To announce a seminar or post a message in the nbinews or referat folders, please fill in this form. (Instructions for e-mail posting are also available. E-mail posting is still required for TeX and PostScript files, hopefully HTML3 should phase out this too.)

Please notice that announcements cannot be cancelled or substituted. You can only post a new announcement with corrections, additions or follow-up (selecting the Correction type of posting). In this case the Subject (and date and group for seminars) of the announcement will be determined automatically as a reply.
For change of dates of seminar announcements, two messages will be automatically posted: a correction to the old one and a new one with the new date (that you have to select).
In any case, you are always required to fill in all fields of this form (the only exception being in case of Correction the field Subject (and date and group for seminars)).

WARNING this program has not been updated or maintained for quite some time, so it may be buggy.

Type of posting:

New announcement
Correction/Addition/Followup to the announcement number
Change of date for the seminar announcement number

To determine the number of the announcement you want to correct, read your old announcement. Your browser, e.g. Netscape, will tell you that its URL is something like http://www.nbi.dk/NEWS/../199512/0024.html, then 199512/0024.html is the number of the announcement.


Date of the Seminar (only for Seminar's announcements, ignored otherwise):
day: month: year:

Group (only for Seminar's announcements, ignored otherwise):

Subject: (for Seminar's announcements only the name of the speaker, otherwise short description)


Distribution: The NBI WWW Server is always included in these distribution lists. To add group distribution lists contact the Webmaster.

Your fullname (compulsary):

Your e-mail address (format: username@node.name compulsary):

Have you filled in all fields correctly? You can start all over by using reset, otherwise you can submit your announcement (please wait until you get an answer from the server):

NOTICE: PREVIEW does not work with Mosaic-2.4, it gives the same result as SUBMIT !!! (instead it works nicely with Netscape or Mosaic-2.6, the behaviour under lynx is not known).

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