Instructions for nbinews


To send news to all NBIfAFG departments, and DSRI, send mail to "nbinews", with

        Subject: nbinews: subject               (for general news)
        Subject: Referat subject                (for meeting accounts)
        Subject: Seminar subject (*)            (for seminars - see below)
        Subject: Referat (ps) subject           (for PostScript)
        Subject: Seminar (ps) subject (*)       (for PostScript - see below)
        Subject: Referat (tex) subject          (for TeX/LaTeX)
        Subject: Seminar (tex) subject (*)      (for TeX/LaTeX - see below)

(*) See below for further information on how to send seminar announcements.
Some systems are able to show TeX and PostScript as bitmapped graphics on
X-displays.  TeX files are also saved as ascii files (stripped of tex commands).

"nbinews" is a local mail alias name which expands to a list of addresses:              Astronomy, Oester Vold          Astronomy, Brorfelde                  Danish Space Research Inst                Geophysics (not active)                Oersted Lab              Blegdamsvej, UNIX and NBI WWW Server                   Blegdamsvej+TAL, VAX

To limit the distribution, just send explicitly to the relevant "office"


If you send a news to the nbinews distribution and/or to,
the news will be automatically posted also on the NBI WWW Server in HTML
format at the pages:

For the SEMINAR ANNOUNCEMENTS you MUST use a special format for the Subject:
line, that is:

                Subject: Seminar GRP date speaker

        GRP     is the acronymous for the research group subject of the
                seminar (only capital letters). Valid GRPs are
                HET             High Energy Theory
                AST (or ASTRO)  Astrophysics
                HEP             High Energy Phenomenology
                HEE             High Energy Experimental
                CMP             Condensed Matter Physics
                COLL            Colloquium
                HIST            History of Science
                NBA             Niels Bohr Archive
                CATS            CATS
                GTHEO           General Theoretical Physics
                NUC             Theoretical Nuclear Physics
                MMG             Meteorite/Mossbauer Group
                NNET            Neural Network
                ACLUS           Atomic Clusters
                COMP            Computation
                CONF            Conference
                SYMP            Symposium
                PHD             PhD Lecture

        date    is the seminar date in the format (ex: 25.03.1995)

        speaker is the name of the speaker or description of the event
                (one or more words, field at your disposal)

For example:

                Subject: Seminar HEP 28.03.1995 Bo Andersson

- Only the listed groups are admitted (in capital letters). To add other
  groups, send an e-mail to
- The date MUST be in the format
- There must NOT be extra commas, colons etc. in the "GRP" and "date" fields

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