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   Niels Bohr Institutet for Astronomi, Fysik og 

   Kbenhavns Universitet 
 25. februar 1997

   Referat af  bestyrelsesmde 97-02 
  onsdag den 19. februar 1997 kl. 10:00-12:30 Niels Bohr 
Institutet, i

Tilstedevrende:   Ole Hansen (OH), Nils O. Andersen (NOA),
  Claus U. Hammer (CUH), Poul Olesen (PO)
  Fin Hansen (FH) (suppleant for Steffen Bo Hansen),
  Jonas Dyhrfjeld-Johnsen (JDJ) (suppleant for Rune Berg). 
Sekretr:   Kirsten Skotte
Fravrende:     A ke Nordlund ( A N)

    Foregende bestyrelsesmde:  
Referat 97-01 godkendtes. 



Forskningsvogtning 1996 er afholdt.

Byggeplanerne p Blegdamsvej for TAL's indflytning er endnu ikke afklarede.
OH og Carsten Thinggaard mdes med Lars Ole Hansen og Jacob Hjbjerre i
Byggedirektoratet den 20/2/97.

Byggeplanerne for nyt bibliotek p Blegdamsvej er hverken afklarede eller
afdde. Forskellige mulig\-heder diskuteres lbende men afventer ogs
byggeprojektet under punkt 2).

NBIfAFG's af Fakultetet plagte rammereduktion er udfrt ved nedlggelse
af to arbejdsfunktioner og har medfrt to TAP-afskedigelser:

tegner Elizabeth Grothe, NBI - fratrdelse pr. 31/7/97
forsgsassistent Benny Thorvaldsen, NBI-TAL - fratrdelse pr. 31/8/97

Status for allerede annoncerede stillingsbesttelser:

OH afventer en skriftlig indstilling fra ansttelsesudvalget for A-TAP
stilling i eksperimentel fysik ved NBI.

Bedmmelsesudvalget for lektorat i observationel astrofysik har 
pbegyndt sit arbejde.

OH arbejder p at f nedsat bedmmelsesudvalg til lektorat i komplekse
systemers teore\-tiske fysik og til lektorat i teoretisk faststoffysik.

Professorat i teoretisk hjenergifysik er opslet og annonceres i
Universitetsavisen 20/2/97, i Magisterbladet 27/2/97 og i Cern Courier's
marts-udgave. Ansgningsfrist er 1/5/97.


Undervisningsudvalget har udfrdiget beretning for perioden 1993-96.
Beretningen er uddelt til bestyrelsen og vil blive diskuteret p nste mde.

KU  A rbog 1996 for NBIfAFG kan lses p NBIfAFG's

Rapport fra Advisory Board mde 1996 vedlgges dette referat. Rapporten vil
blive diskuteret p nste bestyrelsesmde.


Til afhjlpning af sekretrsituationen p L bevilgedes 60.000 DKK til

"Hovedomrdet" har med brev af 22/1/97 til bestyrelsen bedt om input fra
institutet og nsker bl.a. tilsendt referater fra bestyrelsesmder.
Bestyrelsen ser positivt p anmodningen om input, men vil ikke rundsende
referater til eksterne modtagere.

Ansgning fra L om leasing af CNC-maskine til Centralvrkstedet blev
imdekommet af bestyrelsen, som  har afsat 200.000 DKK i 1997 til

Ansgning fra Lisbeth Dilling om 20.000 DKK til oprettelse af konto hos
British Library Document Supply Centre blev henvist til afholdelse over
bibliotekets eget budget. Formlet stttes i vrigt af bestyrelsen.

Ansgning fra OH om 4,5 VIP m-v i 1997 til gsters ophold p Institutet
i sommeren 1997 blev imdekommet af bestyrelsen, men vil ikke blive
genbevilget fremover. For 1997 var aftaler indget, inden rammereduktionen
blev annonceret.



Flgende bestyrelsesmder er aftalt:

Onsdag 	 19. marts 1997 	 kl. 10:00 	 i Ka7 p NBI
Onsdag 	 16. april 1997 	 kl. 10:00 	 i Ka7 p NBI
Onsdag 	 14. maj 1997 	 kl. 10:00 	 i Ka7 p NBI

Flgende flleskollokvier er aftalt:

Onsdag 	 19. marts 1997 	 kl. 15:15 	 Vladimir Braginsky, Moscow State
Onsdag 	 23. april 1997 	 kl. 15:15 	 Carl I. Wunsch, M.I.T., USA 
Onsdag 	 14. maj 1997 	 kl. 15:15 	 Anton Zeilinger, Universit\" a t
Innsbruck, Austria 

Ole Hansen

 Report of the Advisory Board of the NBIfAFG  
 from its visit November 7 and 8, 1996,
byOle Krogh Andersen, Leo Kadanoff, David Moncton
Ben R. Mottelson, Laust B rsting Pedersen, Paul S\" o ding  

 Geophysical Department 

The committee was impressed with the stimulating presentation in
glaciology, oceanography, meteorology and solid earth physics. These groups
provide an approach to geophysical prob\-lems particularly derived from a
physics perspective. This tradition is nurtured by the commendable policy
that all students follow the basic courses in physics.

The teaching efforts of the geophysics staff have greatly helped to attract
a comparatively large number of students to work in the research programs. 

The committee was impressed by the progress made in recent years towards
defining common research themes, namely climate, encompassing the
programs in glaciology, meteorology and oceanography and inverse theory,
a common theme for the solid earth physics group. 

The committe commends the new initatives towards holding common seminars
with partici\-pation from all climate programs. We believe that many of the
exciting problems in geo\-physical climate modelling would make up
challenging problem areas for the CATS group and we encourage CATS members
to attend these seminars.

We recognize the contributions to both groups by the two currently employed

We support the addition of a scientific position in Geophysics and we
consider geophysics as a very valuable branch of applied physics, unique
to University of Copenhagen. 

(L. Kadanoff, O. Krogh Andersen, B.R. Mottelson and L. Brsting Pedersen
participated in the geophysics review.)

 CATS Group, Niels Bohr Institute 

We are most pleased with the progress of the CATS group. The theoretical
effort is mature and solid. We support the plans to fill an associate
professorship in complex systems theory.

The teaching efforts of the CATS group are helpful to the entire group and
indeed to the whole institute.

We would like to commend the theoretical people for their efforts in
getting an experimental program started.

The CATS group plans to look for additional soft money to build its
experimental program including possible efforts in biologically
inspired physics. The NBI should be quite supportive of its efforts to
continue and strengthen its experimental program. In the near future, the
Institute should evaluate the experimental program once more and decide
whether it will invest permanent positions in this area.

 rsted Laboratory 

Two members of the committee (D. Moncton and P. S\" o ding) heard brief
reports from four groups in the rsted Laboratory: X-rays, MBE/clusters,
metastable alloys, and AMO. The loss of Allan Macintosh is deeply
regretted, reducing the number of full professors to three. The number
of masters candidates has decreased from 21 last year to 11, but
hopefully this is a statistical fluctuation. We were encouraged to see
an increase in the number of PhD students  and particularly an increase
(from 9 to 13) in the number actually working at the Laboratory. The
excellent AMO group is remarkably strong in students with very
significant female participation. X-ray research has gotten off to a fast
start with the group now having 1 post-doc and 3 students.

Als-Nielsen is leading, also developing, a new course and untertaking new
programs at HASY\-LAB. Stronger technical support is needed for the
new instrument development essential to the program. The committee
members look forward to the development of the physics objectives of the
program now that the home-base has been so successfully established. The
metastable alloy program based on ion implantation has produced some
exciting condensed matter physics results on nanosize inclusions. These are
novel materials which might have interest for applications by the materials
science community. Finally we note the excellent work underway in the newly
merged MBE/clusters group, e.g. cluster shell efforts. We look forward to
upcoming experiments on individual landed clusters, which represent an
exciting marriage of MBE and cluster research. This is a good example of
the novel work which can develop from stronger collaborations within and
between groups at the rsted Lab.

 Experimental High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics, NBI 

The groups working in Experimental High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics
were visited by D. Moncton and P. S\" o ding on November 8.

 Experimental High Energy Physics 

This group is performing very well and shows impressive ambition. Having
had to cope with a significant decrease in number, they nevertheless manage
to remain fully involved in two large experiments at LEP, ALEPH and DELPHI.
At the same time they put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into teaching.
They are concentrating their hardware efforts on the fields of second-level
triggering and fast data handling; the special expertise they have acquired
makes them very sought-after contributors to future experiments with their
particular challenges. Thus, they are playing an important role in the
CP-violation experiment HERA-B to be performed at DESY, and will thereby be
excellently prepared for the ATLAS experiment at the LHC. This course for
the long-range future of the group appears wisely chosen. The group's size
must be considered to be at the lower limit at present, a further reduction
would entail the danger of it becoming sub-critical. Having always involved
themselves in the most front-line, challenging and productive projects in
High Energy Physics, the group is inter\-nationally recognized and respected,
so that a strengthening would appear very well justified. In particular,
more grants for PhD students to join in the projects of the group would
appear highly desirable.

 High Energy Heavy Ions 

The group is following a research line that has a long tradition at the
NBI, and is now about to reach a mature and highly exciting phase.
The principal aim is to find signatures for, and to study the production of 
the quark-gluon plasma conjectured to be a new phase of matter. The
group is pursuing this in one of the relevant experiments at the CERN SPS,
where intriguing hints for a possible onset of a phase transition in nuclear
matter may already have begun to appear. The NBI group expects to
contribute to this broad-based effort in their own special ways. The next
step thereafter is planned for RHIC at BNL with the BRAHMS experiment, for
which interesting detector contributions are considered; and it finally will
culminate in participation with the ALICE experiment at the LHC which is
expected to be the ultimate experiment in the field. This is a logical
course to take in order to remain at the forefront in this field.

 Experimental Nuclear Physics: Bent Herskind's group 

The program of studying high-spin nuclear states, by measuring multiple
gamma ray transitions, has been a particular highlight at NBI for decades.
Much of the technology, as well as of the physics, has come from here. With
the Nordball and, even more, now with the Euroball the NBI group has had a
very significant role in bringing about a large and powerful international
effort in carrying this field into a new era. The NBI's participation is
obviously warranted and deserving full support, both for the planned work
with Euroball and for the collboration at Berkeley.

 Charge Exchange Reactions 

No presentation was made.

Copenhagen, November 8, 1996.

 1.2cm Ole Krogh Andersen 1.2cm Leo Kadanoff 1.2cm David

 1.2cm Ben Mottelson 1.2cm Laust Brsting
Pedersen 1.2cm  Paul S\" o ding

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