Setting up your HEHI account

To ease the use of the various software used by the HEHI, a common setup is done by the hehi account. This requires a few actions on your part though. Follow the link below, appropiate for your shell. If you don't know which shell you're using, do in terminal:

   prompt% echo $SHELL
  • BASH, ASH, KSH, SH Shells setup
  • TCSH, CSH Shells setup

Structure of the HEHI software tree

The root of the HEHI software tree is in /nfs/hehi/hehi0/hehi/<sysname>, where <sysname> is what AFS reports as the system name:

OSChipAFS sysname
Digital UnixAlphaalpha_dux40

The HEHI software tree basically consist of three branches:

proProduction releases
newDevelopment releases
oldPrevious production releases

The software installed in pro is most often what you want.

The sub-tree structure

The HEHI sub-trees are organised so as to resemple the system directory /usr, that is, you'll find the following directories:

binAll programs of this branch
etc1'System' reconfiguration for packages
docDocumentation for the packages
include1All header files for the packages
lib2All libraries of this branch
sbinSensitive programs of the packages
share1(ASCII) Data files needed by packages
1 Organisied in sub-diretories, one par package
2 Sometimes organised in sub-directories

Using this kind of organisation, the individual users will not have thier environment poluted by various environment variables, symbolic links and so forth. Also, the organisation is closer to what you expect of a Un*x system.

The packages

The following is a list the software pacakges installed. It is not complete.

General packages
MySQL Server only on hilux12
NA44 packages
All Only Digital Unix
BRAHMS packages