I have created a CVS repository for HEHI in /hehi13/hehi/hehi_cvs. It is intended to hold software of general interest to the HEHI group.

If you use the HEHI configuration the enviroment variable CVSROOT is already set to the above directory. Otherwise, either set CVSROOT, or use the global -d switch to CVS.

IMPORTANT: Only use the HEHI repository under Linux. Using the repository under Digital Unix will corrupt the repository!

If you are new to CVS, there is a manual locally. You should espacially take a look at A sample session

Please think twice before commiting changes to software, NOT founded by you. An e-mail or branch may be in order.

You should commit to something like "<user>/<package>"

Notice: there is no reason why you couldn't have your own CVS repository, for more personal software. In fact, I encourage you to do so for most of your software. However, if you need someone else to fool around with your sources, it may be a good idea to import to the HEHI repository.

Finally notice, that general foreign tools, like ROOT and BRAT, is avaliable from CVS repositories elsewhere.

Contents of the CVS repository

Please e-mail to the hehi if you import sources to the CVS repository, so that we may keep the list up to date. Please include a short description!

Object-Oriented databases
Author: Anders Holm
Tags: v1-0, v2-0
Description: A C++ wrapper for gdbm that puts objects into the database
Author: Christian Holm
Tags: v1-0
Description: A ROOT database example.
Author: Christian Holm
Tags: v0-3-1
Description: Objectivity/ROOT database for BRAHMS.
HEHI mini course in C++
Author: Christian Holm
Tags: v1-0
Description: Slides and sources for the first session.
Author: Christian Holm
Tags: v2-0
Description: Slides and sources for the second session.