The MiniGeant package


The MiniGeant package is a small toy detector simulator written in C++. Although useful along with ROOT, it canstand on it's own two feet

This package was developed over the course of the HEHI course Programmering i C++, held by Anders Holm and Christian Holm (No - no relation).

The source is avalible as a gzipped tar file here.


CaveMini Geant Cave class.
DetectorDetector base class for Mini Geant
HodoscopeHodoscope Detector class for Mini Geant
MagnetMagnet Detector class for Mini Geant
ParticleParticle class for Mini Geant
Vector3D Vector class for Mini Geant


MiniGeantLoad.CLoad MiniGeant shared library
MiniGeantDoc.CDocument MiniGeant package
minigbrahms.ccExample of use

Author: Christian Holm
Last update: Fri Nov 26 01:26:56 1999
Copyright Christian Holm/HEHI

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