Updating the HTML pages

The design of these web-pages are described here. If you intend to change anything, please read that page thouroughly first.

What to do when changing the web-pages of the HEHI group:

  • Never edit the files directly. Suppose you want to edit the file that the end-user sees as foo.html. Then rather than editing the file foo.html, edit the file foo-text.html, and then do a make as explained below. In this way, all pages will contain the left menu bar, and have a consistent look and fell.
  • The file foo-text.html must not contain the tags HTML, BODY, and all tags must be balanced properly.
  • Images should be scaled to the appropiate size. If not, both the HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes of the IMG tag must be specified.
  • Only use JavaScripttm if absolutely needed.
  • Make all links absolute. The only exception to this, is the SRC attribute of the IMG tag which may be relative only if the target is in the images subdirectory of the directory where the refering file is.

In /home/hehi/hehi/WWW, do (Digital Unix):

       gmake -f ~/lib/html/Makefile

or (Linux):

       make -f ~/lib/html/Makefile

Please, when updating the web-pages, make sure you check them for W3C validity (use the icons at the bottom of the left hand side bar).