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The Niels Bohr Institute is located in Østerbro, the "East Quarter", just outside the center of Copenhagen in the north (-east) direction. It is next to Fælledparken, the Rigshospitalet, Parken (the national football/soccer stadium) and other university departments like the Panum Institute and the Ørsted Institute (another physics department). The main reference point to get here is Trianglen, a triangular shaped square well known in Copenhagen. Please feel free to ask directions from Danes. Danes are usually not shy and almost everybody here speaks English.

Please note that you may find the prices below inaccurate, we do not check them regularly.

By Air
From the Copenhagen Airport you can either

By Train
From the Central Station you can From other railway stations you can

By S-TOG (subway)
From any S-TOG station you can

By Car
If you arrive by car

On Public Transportation
A few tips on public transportation in Copenhagen - trafic info bus and train, ticket/clipcard prices.

City Map
These maps are under copyright by FOLIA/LegindKort ApS, Studiestræde 43, DK-1455 Copenhagen K, Denmark. You can print them for personal use only, no reproductions are permitted. Copies of these maps can be obtained at no charge at the Railway Station, Airport information desk and Tourist offices.

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Useful information about Copenhagen

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