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  • Science Policy (Wikipedia article)

  • University Politics - Universities as a public good. (blog)
    The aims of this blog are to: (1) enable and encourage every citizen to learn about the idea of universities as a public good, essential for democratic action, and to contest and challenge the increasing dominance of a corporate 'academic capitalist' knowledge regime over the classic public good university. The blog supports the idea and practice of academic freedom, free inquiry and higher education as both public goods and essential elements of an open and democratic society; (2) be an information and exchange resource for science and education journalists, and other principal actors in the global knowledge economy, including a public increasingly becoming aware of conflicting goals and values governing the world's universities; (3) generate a national/ European/ international forum for the discussion of topics including academic freedom, university governance, managerialism, research leadership, the conditions for research-based teaching in higher education, triple-helix and mode 2 research, university politics, university types, and for the organisation of various meetings to discuss these issues, calls for papers, etc.

  • The science policy site of the European Science Foundation (ESF)
    As the only organisation in Europe that brings together nearly all major research organisations, extending well beyond the current EU Membership, ESF is uniquely positioned to play a crucial and distinctive role towards the realization of a coherent European Research Area.

  • journal: Research Policy
    Main Subjects Covered: Competence/Capability (e.g. core, dynamic), Entrepreneur/Entrepreneurship, Evolutionary/Schumpeterian Economics, Industrial Clusters, Innovation Management/Policy/Strategy, Knowledge (creation, transfer, exploitation etc.), System(s) of Innovation (national, regional, sectoral etc.) , Learning (e.g. organisational) and Experimentation, Problem-solving, Product and Process Development, R&D Management, Research and Development (R&D), Research Policy, Science Policy, Technology Management/Policy/Strategy.

  • The Loka Institute
    The Loka Institute is a non-profit research and advocacy organization concerned with the social, political, and environmental repercussions of science and technology.

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