Center for the Philosophy of Nature and Science Studies
at the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen. (Main page of CPNSS here)

The centre is headed by the director, advised by a board governed by the Faculty of Science, and hosted by the Niels Bohr Institute. The staff is organized around three networks of persons with interests in history, philosophy and social studies of science, often with positions at other institutes at the Faculty of Science, namely (1) the FVT-group which is the teaching of science studies group devoted to develop courses in theory of science for the bachelor programmes ("Fagets Videnskabsteori"), see Danish page for this group here; (2) a Philosophy of Nature network of researchers interested in questions of ontology, metaphysics, epistemology, history and ethics of science related to their particular field of expertise; and (3) a related group investigating expontology, a field with old roots that you can read more about here.
Thus the centre is small, with one permanent position (the director's), a group of ph.d. students, additional guest researchers, and other affiliated parsons, such as one assigned professor with a permanent position at the GEUS centre. We have no vacant positions and are in need of grants for Ph.D. student and post-docs.

Advisory Board

Centre Director: Assigned professor: The FVT-group: (at the faculty of science; the group is part of a larger network) The Philosophy of Nature network: (includes also some members of the FVT-group, see above) Expontology group: (defined here) Artist in residence: Research consultancy:
  • Luis Emilio Bruni, research consultant at CPNSS, assistant professor at the Institute of Media Technology and Engineering Science, Aalborg University.
Visiting guest researchers and center associates: Ph.D.-students: Masters students:
  • Nanna Heinz, CPNSS and Institute of Biology.
Former Masters students: Former ph.d. students: Former senior affiliates:
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