Recent papers and preprints

  • M. Rossi, D. Mason, J. Chen, A. Schliesser:
    Observing and Verifying the Quantum Trajectory of a Mechanical Resonator.
  • D. Mason, J. Chen, M. Rossi, Y. Tsaturyan, A. Schliesser:
    Continuous Force and Displacement Measurement Below the Standard Quantum Limit.
  • E. Zeuthen, A. Schliesser, J. M. Taylor, A. S. Sørensen:
    Electrooptomechanical equivalent circuits for quantum transduction.
    Physical Review Applied 10, 044036 (2018)

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Major patents

  • T. Bagci, A. Simonsen, S. Schmid, L. Villanueva, E. Zeuthen, J. Appel, J. Taylor, A. Sørensen, K. Usami,
    A. Schliesser, and E. S. Polzik:
    Optical detector and amplifier for rf detection having a position dependent capacitor with a displaceable membrane.
    US patent 9,660,721
  • T. Kippenberg, P. Del'Haye, A. Schliesser:
    Method and apparatus for optical frequency comb generation using a monolithic microresonator.
    US Patent 7,982,944
  • C. Gohle, A. Schliesser, T. W. Hänsch:
    Method and device for cavity-enhanced optical Vernier spectroscopy.
    US Patent 8,120,773

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