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Paolo Di Vecchia
High-Energy Theory 
Room in Copenhagen:  FC-5 
Phone in Copenhagen: (+45) 35325390 
Fax in Copenhagen: (+45) 35325016
Room in Stockholm: 132:006
Phone in Stockholm: (+46) 855378808
Fax in Stockholm: (+46) 855378404 
E-mail: divecchi@nbi.dk

Useful personal information:

Research interests:

  • Perturbative and non-perturbative behaviour in field and string theories.
  • Gauge-gravity/string correspondence.
  • Magnetized Branes and their application to string phenomenologyy.
  • Computation of instanton effects in string theory.
  • Construction of low-energy four-dimensional effective actions from string compactifications.

Other activities:

Various aspects of scientific publications:

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