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Cargese 2002

group photo
Here is a group photo of all of us (almost). Click on it to get a larger version.
October 2002 update: Boris Pioline sent me the names of everyone in the group photo, so click on the picture on the right to see it.

Here are some pictures from my recent trip to Corsica. I was there for a summer school in string theory in the little town of Cargese.

There are about a hundred photos, so I divided them into several pages. You can go between the pages with the links to the left.

Let me describe what's on the different pages.
First, here are some pictures of the town.

The physics institute is about a kilometer out of town. It has a lecture hall, dinning room and a private beach. You can see them all here. If you want more information about the school, you can go to their home page.

In those pictures you see very few people, so I took a bunch of pictures at lunch. You can look for yourself and your friends. If you don't find somebody, don't despair - there are more pictures to come, or check the group photo on the top right.

O.K. Enough with the physicists.
On Sunday, the 30th of June we had an organized boat trip. We went to a nature reserve and then some remote village whose name I forgot. Luckily I didn't forget to take a few pictures.

Now to one of the highlights of the school! On Friday my house-mates Marc, Jeroen, David, Surya, Jay and I had a party at our place. Here is the evidence that we (and maybe you) got drunk.

I had one day to recover from the hangover before I went with Andy, Shiras and Boris on a hike in the mountains. Here you will find more pictures of beautiful Corsica.

Two more pages to go...
Another party involving two wise men, many pizza's and dancing (don't give up, and wait till the last picture downloads).

Finally, on the last evening, we had dinner together at a restaurant in town.

Some general comments:

The original pictures are all 1600x1200 pixels. I scaled them down to 640x480 so they fit on most computer screens. If you want to print pictures, and need the full resolution pictures, let me know, and I'll make them available. Note that the originals are about 500k.

If anybody took more pictures and posts them, I'd be glad to link their page.
For starters, here are Volker's pictures.

See you in Jerusalem this winter,