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If you want to contact me, send an email to email or call me in Germany at
(+49)176 65351122.
Nadav Drukker's Pottery Links

A good review of pottery; terms, techniques, history and such can be found in wikipedia

I studied pottery at the recreation center of the University of California in Santa Barbara, with Troy Schmidt and Dane Venaas.
I also spent a year at the ceramics class of the Monrovia adult education program with John Riccio.
In Israel I worked in the studio of Doron Jacoby (see also here) and with Amiram Khen.
In Copenhagen I use the ceramics studio at the community house Kvisten.

Useful links:
  • The Ceramic Artists Association of Israel.
  • Glaze recipes: The CeramicsWeb glaze database, more glazes.
  • The clayart archive, Clay Times, ClayStation firing guide, and burner information.
  • online stores: Aftosa, clayartcenter, Axner, Pottery books and Ward Burner Systems.