Nordic String Theory Meeting 2009

Jacobs University Bremen, March 26-27, 2009


Thursday, March 26 Friday, March 27
14:00-14:35Nikolay Gromov 09:00-09:35Albrecht Klemm
14:35-15:10Stefan Zieme 09:35-10:10 Konstantinos Zoubos
15:30-16:05Harald Dorn 10:30-11:05Niels Obers
16:05-16:40 Dorothea Bahns 11:05-11:40 Robert Helling
16:55-17:30 Donovan Young 11:55-12:30 Jakob Palmkvist
17:30-18:05 Nadav Drukker 12:30-13:05 Subodh Patil
14:20-14:55Betti Hartmann
20:00- Dinner in Bremen 14:55-15:30 Derek Harland

Dinner: Downtown in the Bremer Ratskeller underneath the old townhall.


All talks are available online: Click on the title of the talk to download.

Dorothea Bahns Pohlmeyer string status report
Harald Dorn Spacelike and timelike surfaces in AdS_n and the Alday-Maldacena conjecture
Nadav Drukker More loop operators in N=6 supersymmetric Chern-Simons theory
Nikolay GromovIntegrability for the full spectrum of planar AdS/CFT ( original .pptx version)
Derek Harland Dimensional reduction of gauge theory on the fuzzy sphere
Betti Hartmann Cosmic superstrings
Robert Helling A violation of the area law for entanglement entropy or How much can you say in a phone call?
Albrecht Klemm Holomorphicity and modularity in Seiberg-Witten theories with matter
Niels Obers Blackfolds: a new approach to higher-dimensional black holes
Jakob Palmkvist Gauged supergravity and E10
Subodh Patil Inflation with a stringy minimal length, redone
Donovan Young Wilson loops in N = 6 supersymmetric Chern-Simons and their string theory duals
Stefan Zieme The virtual scaling function of AdS/CFT
Konstantinos Zoubos Quantum symmetries and marginal deformations

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